Monday, July 10, 2017

Up On the Roof

Began a sunny, hazy morning with one of the later half-hour Danger Mouse episodes. "Danger Mouse On the Orient Express" starts in Venice, where DM and Penfold discover Baron Greenback paving over the Grand Canal. He wants to destroy tourism so everyone will come to his museum. Penfold gets his permit, which he promptly loses to a fish. While Danger Mouse avoids a convention of thieves on the Orient Express, Greenback tries to get his fat green fingers on Penfold and that permit.

Spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon writing and avoiding Charlie, who was nailing shingles onto the roof and making a lot of noise doing so, both from the hammering and his usual cursing his brains out. (I don't know why he sees fit to punctuate every single movement that goes wrong with a rant against half the deities in the heavens. I doubt they have anything to do with him having problems with nails or with the humidity.)

I had a hard time continuing the next part, but it finally got to this. The Ewoks, the freed Wookie natives, and the former dancers and workers from Jenkins' Casino all burst into the ballroom, ready to kick Coruscant soldier rear. Hux, however, is not about to let go of his quarry. He and his men are about to shoot Henry and Leia when he's grabbed from behind. Charles frees them and ties up Hux. Leia contacts Langdon on the Falcon and tells him about Luke's kidnapping. He says he'll tell Wedge, who is already on the Death Star Airship, to look out for him.

I got so into writing, I didn't break for lunch until around 1. Did a vacation-themed episode of Sailor Moon from the first season while I ate. Usagi and her family are off for a relaxing trip to a hot springs resort. The fun ends quickly when they're attacked by a monster from the lake. A brainwashed Mamoru reveals that the monster is a legendary lake sprite who had become jealous of an angel, and he released her. While the Guardians figure out how to get rid of her, Usagi has to figure out how to help out and keep her family from learning her secret identity.

Work was even quieter than it was yesterday. It got a little busy around 4, when rush hour began. Otherwise, there were no major problems. Though I did help with the carts when it got busy and gathered baskets, I was mostly organizing the gift card kiosk. They'd just gotten a new shipment in. There were a lot of empty spaces, including the credit gift cards. People must have been buying them for graduation and birthday presents. I managed to finish organizing a small box and a big box of cards, bringing them to the trash compactor in the back shortly before leaving for the day.

To my frustration, Charlie was still working on the roof when I came in. Not only that, but my kitchen and dining room table were a dusty mess. He never bothered putting down tarps and must not have realized how much dust he was dropping into the apartment with all his banging. I had to vacuum the kitchen twice and wipe down the table, sink, and stove innumerable times.

Ran Garfield In Hollywood while eating a quick dinner. Jon's delighted when he sees that Odie and Garfield can dance and enters them in a major pet talent show. Garfield thinks their act is dumb, but he is happy about the finals being in Hollywood. At last, he'll get the pampering he craves! But Jon wondering if winning the contest would mean leaving him behind...

It was almost 8 PM before Charlie quit for the day. I waited so long for him to leave, I never did get the bath I'd planned on. I just jumped in the shower instead.

Finished the night online while watching Summer Rental. John Candy headlines this 1985 comedy as an air-traffic controller from Atlanta who is burnt out and needs time off. He, his wife, and their three kids drive down to Florida, where they think they've rented the house of their dreams. Turns out they were in the wrong house. The real rental house is an old shack on a busy party beach. Things get even worse when he makes an enemy of the richest man in town (Richard Crenna), who happens to own their house. He'll throw them out...if they can't beat him in the local regatta. They enlist a crusty local sailor (Rip Torn), his crew, and his floating seafood restaurant to beat the snob at his own game.

This one has a lot in common with One Crazy Summer, including a similar finale revolving around a bet on a boating race. Not bad, not great. Fine for fans of Candy or the 80's "slobs vs snobs" comedies.

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