Sunday, July 02, 2017

Take Me Along

After yesterday's storm, I was so glad to see the sun when I awoke this morning. I celebrated the nice weather with blueberry-peach pancakes. One of the peaches I bought at the farm market yesterday was already getting soft. I tossed that into the batter with a bunch of the blueberries I got on Friday. Other than the second one fell apart a little when I tried to turn it, they came out delicious, just sweet and moist enough.

Ran Yankee Doodle Mickey in honor of the 4th tomorrow while I ate. This collection of patriotic tunes includes a very young Molly Ringwauld singing "This Is My Country" and "God Bless America." I prefer the Disneyland Glee Club's rousing rendition of "The Liberty Tree" from Johnny Tremain and the Disney characters' Armed Forces Medley, with Mickey singing for the Air Force and the Marines, Goofy for the Army, and Donald of course representing the Navy.

Did a little bit of writing after I cleaned up from breakfast. Cassian comes in to check up on the ladies, dressed in his Spanish uniform from his years in their army. While he and Jyn admire each other, Leia comes in, wearing a stunning swan costume trimmed in crystals and white feathers. Ahsoka is struck at how much she reminds her of her mother.

Broke at 12:30 for a quick lunch. Listened to the second half of my Broadway cast album for Take Me Along as I ate and got organized. This is the stage musical version of Ah Wilderness, here focusing on Sid (Jackie Gleason). I understand Gleason was the bigger star at the time, but Robert Morse as Richard and Walter Pidgeon as Nat have the better material, including the touching "Staying Young" for the latter. Morse and Susan Luckey's "I Would Die" is a hilarious take on teens being overly romantic. (Unlike Fanny, the CD for this one is still in print at press time if you're interested.)

Work was insane when I came in. The parking lot was full, and there wasn't a cart to be found on the front patio. I spent the first half of my shift and the last 20 minutes gathering them all. When I was inside, I did returns, stacked baskets, and cleaned up several spills, including a broken jar of cheese dip. Good thing I had a lot of helpers today. At least three teenage girls worked with me (including helping out with the cheese mess), and I really appreciate everything they did.

I made scrambled eggs with mushrooms, tomatoes, and cheese for dinner when I got in. Listened to the second disc of my America the Beautiful record set while I ate. This came out in 1986 in honor of The Statue of Liberty's 100th anniversary, and I listen to it on or around most patriotic holidays. This disc included the Robert Shaw Chorale singing "Columbia, Gem of the Ocean" and a rousing instrumental Armed Services medley.

Finished out the night with Lego Star Wars: Clone Wars. The minikit detector was a lifesaver on the second Dooku round. I found three, including one that gave you a really nifty, zippy little UFO to ride around in, and got True Jedi. Didn't get quite as many minikits on "Destroy the Malevolence," but the x8 helped me to easily get True Jedi.

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