Saturday, July 08, 2017

Sweet Summer Harvest

It was such a lovely morning, I opened the windows and let my apartment air out. Ate breakfast while watching a couple of beach and travel-themed black-and-white Mickey Mouse shorts. "Mickey's Choo Choo" is a funny little train that can be fed coal and dance along with its operator. But when the train can't get up a hill and loses the caboose that Minnie's traveling in, her boyfriend hits the tracks to go after her. He deals with some "Wild Waves" that sweep Minnie out to sea, cheering her up with a song and dance from him and a group of friendly beach critters. The mice join Clarabelle, Horace, and Pluto for "The Beach Party." They have a great time eating lunch and playing in the surf, until Pluto mistakes a sausage rope for an angry octopus! They use the remains of their lunch to fight back.

It was past 10:30 when I finally made it out the door for a run to the Collingswood Farm Market. While there was a nice breeze and it remained sunny and bright, it was also getting hotter and more humid by the minute. The Market incredibly busy with people buying produce for barbecues and summer birthday parties, I bumped into a few people (and at least one dog) as I tried to make my way around the tables that were richly loaded with summer's bounty. My finances were limited. I ended up with two ears of corn (the farm with the corn truck made their first appearance this year), a nice fat tomato, mushrooms, and peaches.

I was so hot and thirsty by the time I made it into Oaklyn, I stopped at the Common Grounds Coffee House for a drink. Bought a refreshing Coconut-Pineapple-Mango Smoothie. Feeling the need for chocolate, I added a peanut butter-coated cake pop, too.

Did a few more cartoons when I came home while putting away my finds and eating lunch, and then while making Blueberry Chocolate Chip Muffins. Woody Woodpecker is "The Beach Nut," whose antics with his surfboard and stealing food drives Wally Walrus crazy. Jerry the Mouse isn't much happier being bait for Tom in "Cat Fishin'." He finally brings in Spike help him out. Tom's wooing a lady cat at the beach in "Salt Water Tabby." Jerry's not impressed.

Worked on writing for a while after the cartoons ended. Vader is about to attack Luke, Leia, and Henry when Ahsoka stops him. She had once been a protege of his, until she was expelled from the Jedi Guards after being accused of a crime she didn't commit, and he left when they wouldn't increase his responsibility or give him a place as part of the head Council. She can't stand to see him acting like this. Henry and Leia are able to escape upstairs, but Luke stops to watch the fight.

Ahsoka holds her own until Vader gets the cover off the pack on her back that generates crystal power for her sabers. He knocks the sabers out of her hands and gets her in the side. Luke jumps in front of her with his saber before he can lose another mentor. Palpatine knocks him out with his Force lightning, intending to question him about his friends on the Death Star.

Finished my night with work. It was really busy when I got in, and once again, I had no help. There were apparently a lot of call-outs today. There were two other baggers when I arrived. Both ended up doing things inside. I got stuck doing the carts by myself for most of the day until a college boy arrived to help with them an hour before I was done.

Picked up two things I forgot yesterday on the way home. I didn't have the money for cherries at the Farm Market, so I got equally sweet grapes on sale. Also picked up eggs, which were also on a really good sale. Headed straight home after that and into a much-needed shower. As soon as it was done, the air conditioner went back on. It had gotten too hot - and way too humid - to leave them open.

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