Saturday, September 29, 2007

Try To Remember The Kind Of September

Oooh, what a gorgeous fall day! Warm without being humid or TOO warm, sunny, with a sky intensely blue, no clouds, and a bit of wind that gentled into a breeze by afternoon. The kind of day we're supposed to get in September.

I made a quick trip to the farm market this morning. I didn't really need much; just got celery, sweet potatoes, and Mollie Delicious apples. I was a little later than usual, but the farm market was still packed, understandable on such a stunner of a Saturday. I had to wade through lines of people to get those apples!

On the way to the farm market, I stopped at St. Mark's Church on the corner of East Bettlewood and the White Horse Pike, across from the PNC Bank. They had a big "yard" sale in their parking lot today. It must be an annual event, because I remember seeing the same thing there last year. Local families set up booths to sell various items. I ended up with eight records for twenty-five cents each - Johnny Mathis, jazz great Al Hirt, Lawrence Welk, a two-disc RCA set of random Broadway standards, Tom Jones, the Stray Cats (Brian Setzer's 80s band), and two Christmas albums, one from Perry Como and one of the Goodyear "Great Songs of Christmas" albums. In fact, I believe it's the one Mom had when I was little I found again at the Stockton Media Center in college and recorded for her!

Work was steady, not too bad, and fast. The worst that happened was one of the teenage cashiers fussing because oh, he had a tummy ache and he wanted to go home early. He did not go home early. Not only were we low on help, but he does that every other day. What a brat. If I complained every time I had a tummy ache, there are certain times of the month I'd never go into work at all.

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