Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Long Title Lady

I was up late last night and didn't get up until past 10AM this morning! I wasn't in the laundromat until 12:30. That turned out to be a good thing, mind you. One person left shortly after I arrived; a few more came shortly before I left. Otherwise, it was just me, my load of clothes, and Family Feud on Channel 10. (No Jerry Springer this time, thank heavens.)

I brought my clothes home, put them away, and ran Sailor Moon episodes while having a very quick lunch of leftovers. I finished with just barely enough time to change, make dinner, and run off to work!

Work was pretty much the same as last week - busy during rush hour, quiet otherwise. That should change as we inch closer to both the beginning of the month and the spring holidays. A kid who had been working on organizing tags in the back came in for me; I was in and out with no trouble.

And why have I been up so late recently? I've been digging through the archives of the Monkees Long Title Fanfiction Yahoo Group. This group has pretty much been dormant in the last five years...which is a crying shame, because many of the stories they wrote between 1999 and 2003 ran the gamut from quite good to some of the best darn fiction for any fandom I've ever read. A little of it still exists online, but some of these stories, like the Davy's Secret series (Davy turns out to be a witch) and most of Freeze Frame and Star Collector (the Monkees are thrust into 21st Century LA, only to discover that Mike is now a greedy record executive who has been possessed by a devil) can only be found here.

Not to mention, the writers themselves and their "clones" (characters based after various people, from real-life, stories, or even their own lives) are witty and fun to read, even when just replying to various goings-on. It really makes me wish Lauren and I hadn't joined on the tail end of the group's peak period.

Oh, and I heard from Jody Staton and Cassandra Ulrich. I'm going to meet Jody at her home Thursday afternoon, and Cassandra for dinner at the TreeHouse Cafe Thursday evening. All right! I can't wait. A chance to talk real writers, and ladies who seem very nice besides. 

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