Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rider In the Storm

Started off today with the second half of the American Top 40. We went back a decade to late March 1973 this morning, as hard rock, folk, and Motown ruled the airwaves. Among the hits in the early spring of that year were "Love Train" by the O Jays, "Neither One of Us," by Gladys Knight and the Pips, and "Ain't No Woman" by the Four Tops.

That week's number one hit was a classic smoky ballad by Roberta Flack, "Killing Me Softly." It had apparently been number one for several weeks, was displaced by "Love Train" for a week, then bounced right back. I'm not surprised - this is an oft-heard 70s favorite.

It was sunny out this morning, but the sun was fast disappearing behind clouds when I headed out for this week's Saturday errand run. As with last week, I started with the bank, then moved to the Oaklyn Library. There wasn't much going on at either place; the library was just me and the librarian. I was in and out of both places quickly.

It was just as well. Once again, I had more plans for the day. I wanted to continue checking out local coffee shops for information on writers and take a longer look at Barrington. The clouds had gotten heavier as I left the Oaklyn Library. They finally burst when I arrived in Haddon Heights. I briefly checked out their coffee shop, but it was so spare and Spartan, they didn't have much room for open mic anything. The rain picked up as I made my way down Atlantic Avenue, past the train tracks and under the over pass to Barrington. It never did get really heavy, just enough to make me slightly damp and smell good.

One of the reasons I hit Barrington was to take a second, longer look at the Antique Center. I love that barn. I'd be there more often if it didn't require a half-hour bike ride. As I did last month, I came up with some great things there. Found a box filled with vintage linens and doll clothes. I hardly need linens, but I did find three adorable dresses - two for spring, one for Christmas - that fit the Cabbies. I also picked up three records - a later Johnny Mathis album from the early 80s, an 80s John Entwistle solo album, and a 70s book-and-record version of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too.

When I was prowling around upstairs, I came across a small room with a table in the center that was filled with Fisher Price toys that probably dated back to the 60s. I easily recognized the Popcorn Roller thing that Rose loved as a child, as well as two favorite Little People sets my sisters and I used until well into our early teens, the Circus Train (complete with the lion with the big brown mane and the monkey with the movable tail) and the Camping Set with the red and white van and the matching trailer. I finally chose a Roly Poly Apple for my little nephew Khai. The girls and I used to love that thing. We'd knock it over and hear the bell inside it ring again and again.

After I left there, I headed to the Barrington Coffee House for lunch and to see if they had any information on writers. Alas, they couldn't help me, other than direct me to their open mic night. They did make a mean hot Chicken Spinach Wrap and Chai Latte, though.

I made one more short stop at a more folksy antique shop across the street. There was nothing interesting there. Not to mention, the rain was starting to come down a little harder. I finally just packed up my new (old) findings and headed home.

Though the sun looked like it was trying to come out as I rode back to Oaklyn, it never did make it all the way. It's rained on and off since then. I pumped my slightly flagging right tire, then went inside for the rest of the evening.

Spent the next few hours online, doing some browsing and finishing the job ideas list. I now have twenty writing/book related jobs I'd like to take a look at or learn to do, and the questions I want to ask about them. I also added ideas to look into to make them happen, from online sites to look at to trips to local Barnes and Nobles to talk to authors.

I baked a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake, then made a late dinner of thin Chicken Breasts and Sauteed Vegetable Mix while watching the 1955 Oklahoma! This is my favorite of Rogers and Hammerstein's stage and movie musicals. I especially love Gloria Graham as Aldo Annie - for someone whom I don't believe had done musicals before, she does a great "I Cain't Say No." Charlotte Greenwood is the perfect Aunt Eller, too.

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