Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hot Fun In the Springtime

I once again awoke to sunshine. The weather remained above-average warm and dry, though not as bad as yesterday. I slept in a little, finally getting out of bed around quarter of 10. Had Oatmeal Squares and grapefruit breakfast and watched more Tom & Jerry cartoons. Headed to the gym about an hour later.

It was a bit busier than last week at the gym. There was a private trainer session going on, plus a surprising amount of people on the treadmills. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical machine. Had to wait to get my arm weight machine session in. There were two middle-aged women chatting on the machines who took forever. I worked with hand weights until they were done.

Made a quick stop at Marlton Curtains across from Applebee's on my way home. I wanted to get a third set of sheets, just in case I need them or have guests. I ended up buying a separate fitted and flat sheet and pillowcase set. The sheets were $5 each; the pillowcase set was $4. Spent $14.98 all together. Some places wouldn't sell you one sheet for that! I love the curtain outlet. They have the best linen prices in the area.

There wasn't enough time after lunch to go to the bank, my original plan for this afternoon. I settled on doing a few at-home chores I'd been putting off. I swept the porch, which was a mess. The fuzzy seed pods have started falling, and they covered another layer of covers from leaf buds and the last of the sticker balls.
When I finally finished out there, I came inside and did last month's budget. I bought more than I thought I did last month, but I did get the CD player and Monkees CD set the first week of March. Otherwise, I intentionally tried not to buy too much after everything I bought with my tax return money in February.

Work was a pain in the rear. Though it was quiet when I arrived (to the point where I spent the first hour doing returns) and quiet when I left, rush hour was crazy. One cashier was late; another was being used elsewhere. We had to call a stock boy and a bagger to take over the registers for a while! Thank heavens my relief was another kid who had spent most of the nights organizing tags in the back room and was eager to stretch his long legs for a while.

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