Monday, April 02, 2012

Windy Spring

Started this morning with oatmeal for breakfast and a couple of second season Monkees episodes. One of the most popular episodes of the entire series - with Monkees and fans alike - is the hilarious "Fairy Tale." In this minimalist take on fantasy stories, Peter is an out-of-work peasant who adores an, ahem, lovely princess (Mike Nesmith - yes, in a dress). When she's captured by some nasty knights, Peter turns to his three friends and a special locket to help rescue her.

Mike was also at the center of "Monkees In Texas." The boys visit his Aunt Kate in the Lone Star State, and find themselves mixed up with bandits determined to run her off of her land. Micky's the one who's in trouble in "Monkees On the Wheel" when he accidentally wins a fortune on a fixed roulette wheel during a gig in Las Vegas. The guys have to prove they aren't crooks...while trying to catch the real ones!

As with yesterday, work was on-and-off busy all day. Unlike yesterday, however, we didn't have nearly enough help, leading to long lines for much of the morning and afternoon. Didn't help that my relief was late, either. A manager had to come in for me.

By the time I got home, this morning's clouds and cool air had given way to brilliant sunshine and warm skies, though the gale-force winds remained. I went for a short walk when I got in. I'd been inside all day, and I wanted to enjoy at least a little of the fresh air. The trees are getting greener every day. Most of them are just starting to pass the flowering stage now. The daffodils are pretty much gone, but the tulips have emerged, and the violets are beautiful.

When I got in, I decided it was the perfect time to pull out my spring clothes. Even if we get a few more days in the 50s and lower 60s, I probably won't need the turtlenecks or the heavy corduroy pants and skirt again this season. (I barely needed them during the winter.) I can wear sweaters and jackets over t-shirts until Mother Nature starts behaving a bit better.

Ran more Monkees as I had leftovers and a spinach "pancake" (spinach with eggs and cheese cooked pancake style - an old last-minute-meal favorite from when I lived in Wildwood) for dinner. Aliens replace Micky with a robotic lookalike in "Monkees Watch Their Feet." When Peter and Davy finally catch on, they at first turn to the government, then decide to take on the aliens themselves.

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