Sunday, April 01, 2012

No April Fool's Joke

It was cloudy, cool, and still when I got up late this morning, around quarter after 10. I didn't get to breakfast until past 11! Brunch With the Beatles concentrated on the songs put out by the Beatles' own company, Apple Records, today. That meant lots of great later and solo songs - "Get Back," "Something," "Come Together," "Hey Jude," and "Let It Be," along with George's "What Is Life?" and "Give Me Love," Ringo's "No No Song," Paul's "Uncle Albert" and "Band on the Run," and John's "Whatever Gets You Through the Night" with Elton John.

I had Pear-Spice Pancakes for breakfast, then decided it was time to change the AG dolls into their spring dresses for Easter. Samantha now wears the Lace Dress and matching shoes with Springfield Collection tights. Molly wears the Polka-Dot Skirt Outfit, but kept the same socks, shoes, and ribbon. I put Felicity into her pink birthday dress with the floral pinner and Jessa into a floral shirt and long jean skirt, with Springfield Collection black vinyl flats that are actually a bit big for her without socks or tights.

I was putting the girls' clothes away and looking over old journals in the back room when I heard talking outside. It sounded like my neighbor Michael and someone landlady's adult nephew Andrew? I thought at first he might have come to mow the lawn, but then I listened further...

Andrew: Yeah, she's gone. She got sick in the hospital. Picked something up there. You know how it happens. She was already sick. It's not their fault.

Michael: I'm sorry. She was a nice lady. Have you told Emma yet?

Andrew: Nahh, I haven't gotten to it. 

Told me what?  I had the very bad feeling I knew already. I hastily pushed the journals back into their crate, grabbed a pair of clogs and my blue raincoat, and hurried downstairs.

I immediately went to the front of the house and knocked. Andrew answered the door. Yes, it was what I thought. My landlady, Eleanor "Miss Ellie" Harris, is dead. It sounds like she died last night of some infection she picked up in the hospital when she was getting over something else. Andrew and his mother Linda, who live a few houses down on the same block as us, are in control of the house for the time being. Andrew says they won't be able to figure anything out with the house for over a year, and even after that, they'll probably just rent the bottom floor out to another quiet career professional or older person.Which means yes, I will be staying here for the foreseeable future.

I'm going to miss Miss Ellie. She was a really sweet old lady, and so nice to me. She never minded it when my rent was late, and she really enjoyed the letters I gave her with the rent. I don't think she ever even saw the one I gave her with my rent check yesterday. I'll miss raking for her. I'll miss seeing her come home from work and hearing her come through the door. I'll miss knowing that another independent woman is downstairs, living alone and doing her own thing, too.

I was in a bit of a daze when I rode to work, which wasn't a good thing. Today is the first day of the month, and the lines were backed up when I arrived, despite there being plenty of help. It did calm down a bit later, but we were on-and-off busy for most of the evening.

I bought a sympathy card for Linda and Andrew after work. Alas, when I got out, I discovered the reason for those off-and-on crowds. We were getting a rather nice shower. I just rode home and got wet. I'll deliver the card tomorrow, either right before or right after work.

I finally got a hold of Mom when I got in and had a short but pleasant chat with her. Miss Ellie's death aside, I do feel a lot better. Talking to Cassandra and Jody on Thursday was a big help. I'll be turning my efforts towards spring cleaning and getting ready for Easter and Lauren's visit next month this week.

I also talked to Dad. Sounds like I'll be joining him and Jodie for that delicious French Toast Casserole on Easter morning, then heading up to our cousins Karen and Jim's house in Washington Township for dinner. Fine by me. Mom says they're not doing anything in that neck of the woods for Easter this year, so that should be fun.

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Linda said...

Oh, Emma, I'm sorry. Miss Ellie sounded like such a sweet lady. I have a friend who had knee surgery who also picked up one of those hospital-related infections. There are too many of them lately.