Thursday, May 02, 2013

Balance and Those Two Guys

Started off an absolutely gorgeous spring day with yoga class. It was a little full, but not as much as it was last week. Even so, I have some rather sore joints, including my knees and knuckles, and decided I wasn't up to a lot of pushing. I did what I could with the back bends and balance poses that were being emphasized today.

I made a quick stop at WaWa after class for a bottle of Perrier, then rode home. I worked on budgeting and updating my inventories on the computer for a while, including adding Belle to the collectibles spreadsheet. I finally got off the computer to have lunch and watch Way Out West. This time, Laurel and Hardy take a recalcitrant mule out to a small gold rush town, where they have to give a young woman the deed to a mine she's inherited. The lass' guardian and his girlfriend want that deed for themselves and pass the girlfriend off as the real owner. When the duo discover their mistake, they try to break into the guardian's safe to retrieve it.

Very cute, and generally regarded as one of their better movies from the height of their talkie popularity in the early-mid 30s. I especially like their adorable rendition of "Trail of the Lonesome Pine." (And the end, when they're talking to the girl as they take her back to her hometown, provides some real life trivia. Oliver Hardy really was from the south - Georgia, to be exact - and Stan Laurel was from South London.)

Despite the nice weather, I was asked to stay later at work - there was a call-out. I told them I'd stay until 9, which makes more sense than 3 to 8:30 anyway. As it turned out, I probably could have left at the original 8:30. As with yesterday, we were busy during rush hour, but otherwise on-and-off steady.

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