Monday, May 20, 2013

Ladies of the Fifties

Started a gloomy morning finishing out Donna Parker, Special Agent. An exciting ending to a fun story! Donna finishes her busy fall with a trip to a junior and senior high school newspaper convention in New York. She and Ricky meet the Count from the previous story again and have a run-in with a suspicious character. They also figure out what her uncle's really up to. I have to say, the Donna books have become some of my favorite yard sale finds. I've really enjoyed the first two and am looking forward to the next, On Her Own. 

Donna and Ricky are hardly the only female friend duo to run into problems in the 1950s. I ran two first-season episodes of Laverne and Shirley during breakfast that go into their friendship and problems with men. Laverne gets Shirley to go out on a date with her new guy and his cousin, but both men prove to be less than ideal boyfriend material in "Dog Day Blind Dates." Shirley's the one having man trouble in "Dating Slump." When Carmine seems to be going out with another girl, Shirley becomes a hermit, until Laverne convinces her to go out with her new date (Robert Hays of the Airplane! series) and his bullying buddy.

Thankfully, the laundromat was pretty quiet when I arrived there around 11, and remained so. Though a few men were in and out, it was mostly just me, my small load, and The View on TV. I easily and quickly got a washer and a dryer and was out as soon as the dryer finished.

When I got home, I had just enough time to put everything away, have a quick lunch while listening to Barry Manilow's "Music of the 50s" CD, change into my uniform, and hurry off to work. It was so quiet when I came in, I spent almost two hours helping the produce department shuck corn to wrap in plastic and put out for customers. Things picked up considerably during rush hour. There were a few annoying customers, otherwise no major problems besides it was still busy when I left and one of the boys doing stock had to come in for me. 

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