Friday, May 24, 2013

Rushing In the Rain

I had just enough time to hurry to the Acme this morning to do my grocery shopping. It was really dark when I started breakfast, so dark, it felt more like 9 at night than 9 in the morning. It started raining about an hour later; by quarter of 11, the rain had calmed down enough for me to get to the store only somewhat damp. Good thing I had a very small order anyway. I mainly needed to restock meat. The chicken sale wasn't that great, so I bought turkey chops that a manager's coupon on them. Grabbed skewered shrimp for lunch and more of those dollar packs of fish. Pretty much everything else was restocking the larder - diced tomatoes (Contadina was on clearance), Acme's generic shredded wheat, oatmeal (Acme's smaller generic container was on sale for a dollar), a can of tuna (also a dollar), packs of cantaloupe and watermelon slices, and bananas.

Hurried home to have the shrimp and melon for lunch. Ugh. No wonder the shrimp had a manager's coupon on it, too. It was dry and bland. I ate it anyway. Ran some Three Stooges wartime shorts while I ate. The boys are stranded on the Atlantic Ocean and inadvertently find themselves on a Nazi submarine in "Back From the Front." They're "Higher Than a Kite" when they hide in what turns out to be a bomb...and wind up dropped in enemy territory.

Work was steady for most of the afternoon, and never more than mildly busy. I have the feeling most people may not have been able to get to the store. Several customers mentioned heavy traffic on the Atlantic City Expressway and the Black Horse Pike going towards the Jersey Shore. Sounds like a lot of people decided to ignore the weather and head to their weekends off. It was still pretty busy when I left, but a manager was nice enough to come in for me.

(And I said good-bye to Jade, one of the sweetest of the college students who worked at the Acme, today. She's done school and got a good job in Texas. I'll miss her. She's the one who always wore the great costumes and did the creative stuff for holidays. She was really good to me, and fun to hang out with.)

When I got home, I threw together some leftovers on a wrap for dinner while watching more war-oriented Stooges shorts. The boys are "Babes In Arms" when an angry husband ends up being their commanding officer. "They Stooge to Conga" pushes the usual violence to its limit as the boys fix a doorbell and discover a Nazi plot. "Uncivil Warbirds" puts the trio on the opposite sides of the War Between the States, with some pretty strange results. And in "G.I Wanna Home," the boys find themselves hit by the post-war housing shortage and forced to live in a vacant lot.

And I'm not terribly happy with my hours next week. While I have Tuesday and Thursday off and slightly more hours...I work until 10PM next Friday, and then work 10AM until 4PM next Saturday! Not only do I hate it when they pull that on me, but that means I'll have to miss Collingswood's Town-Wide Yard Sale and the farm market! I would give anything for a regular, normal schedule that's the same darn hours every week!

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