Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Dolls In Pink Forever

I opted to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with patriotic music as a backdrop to breakfast instead of the usual Beatles radio show. I ate some delicious Banana Peanut Butter Oatmeal Pancakes while listening to my 2-disc America the Beautiful record set. This 1986 collection was put out by Reader's Digest in honor of the Statue of Liberty's 100th birthday and restoration that year, and I listen to it on or near every patriotic holiday. My favorite of the symphonic numbers is "On the Trail" from The Grand Canyon Suite. That's so much fun to listen to, and I've heard it so many places, starting with A Christmas Story. (The ting-a-ling segment can be heard as Ralphie awakens on Christmas morning to discover a white world.) My favorite vocal number is an appropriately folksy "This Land Is Your Land."

Called Mom as I was finishing up breakfast; got my stepfather Bill. Dad was having a rare morning to himself, as his wife had just left to run errands. He was looking forward to getting things done at home in the morning and taking his grandsons to see the new animated film Epic this afternoon. He also mentioned that my sister Anny finally got a job at Lund's Fisheries on the border of Lower Township and Wildwood Crest. They're a seafood processing and distribution business that's right next to the Wildwood Crest Bridge. They have spectacular views of the marinas near the Cape May Bridge and of the Wildwood Islands...when you can stand the smell! It goes without saying that they constantly smell like processed fish. When the Cape May County Special Services Middle School was housed in Wildwood Crest, the Lower Township bus would have to go over the bridge twice a day. We all held our noses when the bus went past Lund's, even the boys who otherwise didn't care how they smelled!

After I let Dad go, I quickly changed a few dolls into slightly cooler clothes. Josefina and Felicity don't really have enough to change them into, but I wanted to get Jessa into her new flamingo outfit. She looks absolutely adorable in it, especially those shoes. (Which, unlike many Mattel-made AG shoes, fit her big feet perfectly.) I put Samantha into her pretty pink and white Lace Dress and the matching white heeled shoes over white Springfield Collection stockings. (Technically, the Lace Dress is a Rebecca outfit, but I thought it was so sweet, I bought it for Sam.) Molly wears the Floral Dress and beige shoes from Kit's collection. (I bought it for her a few years ago on eBay when all her summer outfits on AG's site were on backorder.)

I barely had enough time to change into my own uniform, have a very quick lunch, and rush off to work! Work was on-and-off busy, slightly quieter than yesterday but not bad for a holiday weekend. A windy but otherwise warm, sunny, and dry day was a big help. Once again, I was in and out with no problems.

When I got home, I had leftover Italian Chicken and Tomatoes for dinner while watching a few more wartime cartoons. The Pink Panther signs up for the Vietnam War in "G.I Pink," but finds basic training to be a lot less glamorous than he thought it would be. Bugs eats a chemically-charged carrot that makes him into a superhero in "Super Rabbit." Unlike Pink, Daffy's having none of that "glamour" stuff and will do anything he can to dodge that persistent "Little Man From the Draft Board" in "Draftee Daffy." Bugs returns to make sure a gremlin doesn't do too much damage to a bomber in "Falling Hare."

Finally got a hold of Mom after my shower. She joined Dad and the boys at the movies. They had a good time and said Epic was really cute. Mom confirmed that Anny did land a job at Lund's, but she didn't seem too happy about having to babysit her grandsons while their mother's at work again. She probably got used to a lot of quiet time to herself! She generally seemed to be in a good mood, though a little tired. She'd spent the week cleaning up her yard...and cleaning it again (including her car) when the winds started blowing pollen around.

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