Monday, May 06, 2013

Two Guys at School 

Started out a cloudy, cool day with a walk to the laundromat. I had a really big load to wash, including towels. Thankfully, there was only one other person and a couple there when I arrived. By the time I left and Jeff Probst was nattering away on the TV, the building was quiet. I pushed the cart home, admiring the brilliant spring flowers and soft green trees.

When I got in, I started A Chump In Oxford while putting everything away, and then while having a spinach-mushroom omelet for lunch. This time, Laurel and Hardy are street sweepers who inadvertently rescue a banker from a robber. To thank them, the banker sends them to Oxford University in England for "the best education money can buy." The boys seem to be out of their depths among the rather obnoxious students who think they're good for a prank...until Stan turns out to be Lord Paddington, one of the most famous students ever at Oxford. When a clonk on the head makes Stan into the nobleman, he ends up making a very annoyed Ollie his butler.

I didn't enjoy this one nearly as much as Way Out West. Though Stan had fun as the pompous British lord (check out him taking on a mob of angry students!), the story takes much too long to get going (the opening with the boys employed as a maid and a butler has nothing to do with the rest of the movie), and the way those students treat Stan and Ollie would get them into more trouble than the scolding they got from the Dean today. Cute enough if you run into it, but not my favorite of their vehicles.

They had more fun in the short included on the video, the 1932 Helpmates. It's pretty simple. Ollie had a wild shindig while his wife was out of town. When the Mrs. says she's coming home by noon, he enlists his best pal Stan to help clean the house. Naturally, it looks worse than when they began by the time Mrs. Hardy does finally arrive.

Switched to more Lois & Clark while I brushed Josefina's very long hair, using lots of detangler. In "Witness," Lois is the only one who sees the murder of a prominent, if odd, scientist. She's not concerned at first when she's targeted for murder as well...until Superman has to rescue her several times. She, Clark, and Jimmy do research on what the scientist was trying to do while Clark tries to keep Lois alive.

Josefina is in gorgeous shape. Her hair will probably need to be washed and de-frizzed, but it came out well enough for now. I put it in a much neater ponytail until I have the time to play with it. I gave her a quick magic sponge bath. I'm guessing she's one of the more recent dolls made by Mattel. She's thinner and lighter than my older dolls, whom were released before Mattel bought the original Pleasant Company. She was a little dirty, but not horrible, with no spots or markings anywhere that I could see.

Since I was giving Josefina so much attention, I decided it was time to change all of my dolls. Molly wears her Birthday Pinafore. Jessa sports her original "meet" striped t-shirt, a pair of plain jean capris I picked up on eBay, and Springfield Collection socks and sneakers. Felicity was dressed in a pretty blue and white floral gown I found at a booth in the Deptford Mall one Christmas season. Samantha wears a hand-made turquoise dress with a white sash and white lace trim that was also an eBay find.

Headed to work shortly after I finished with the dolls. Thankfully, work wasn't anything resembling as crazy as it was yesterday. We were busy during rush hour, on-and-off steady thereafter.

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