Tuesday, December 09, 2008

WebKinz List

Here's the WebKinz I currently own, updated for the holidays:

Regular-Sized WebKinz

Eliza and Henry the Black Poodles
Chester the Alley Cat
Shadow the Charcoal Cat
Cassie the Himalayan Cat
Yum-Yum the Siamese Cat
Blanche the White Poodle
Rouge the Pink Poodle
Nelson the Yellow Lab
Boo the Bat
Linda the Collie
Nanni the Husky
Cadbury the Brown Dog
Crystal the Samoyed Dog
Micky the Cheeky Monkey
Sundance the Raccoon
Miles the Black Bear
Quinn the Polar Bear
Marza the Panda
Lily the Duck
Stuffy the Rabbit
Everglades the Crocodile
Rose the Pink Pony
Nicholas the Clydesdale
King the Black Frisian (Horse)
Clarence and Mary the Reindeer
Amelia the Brown Arabian (Horse)
Emerson the Gray Arabian (Horse)
Sitting Bull the Buffalo
Rhonda the Deer
Swamp Fred the Bullfrog
Mochaberry the Cocoa Dinosaur
Louis the (Regular) Elephant
Nesmith the Pinto (Horse)
Westbrook the Eagle
Athena the Whimsy Dragon

Lil'Kinz WebKinz

Duke the Pig
Amalthea the Unicorn
Debbie the Golden Retriever
Peter the Cocker Spaniel
Davy the Tiger
Kinsey the Basset Hound
Abbie the St. Bernard
Chicka the Chickadee
Ramses the Horse
Miss Bianca the White Mouse
Alice the Persian Cat
Creamsicle the Orange and White Cat
Maisie the Gray and White Cat
Elvis the Penguin

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