Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tales of the Gold Stooges

Slept in again this morning and started out around 11 with a trip to the Audubon Crossings Mall to finish my Christmas shopping. Stopped at FYE again, this time to get the Three Stooges Collection Vol One set I didn't see at Cherry Hill. I also found something I missed on Tuesday that I wanted, the 1982 Indiana Jones-esque action show Tales of the Gold Monkey. Several friends have mentioned this show to me, and as a fan of both the Indiana Jones series and this show's animated equivalent Tail Spin, this sounds like it's right up my alley.

More Information on Tales of the Gold Monkey

(And there's a reason I wanted to get these now. I don't like that the Audubon FYE is closing...but if it has to close, at least I can get the inventory at a good price. The Stooges were $19.99 and came up to $12.50 with the closing sales and my Membership Card. Tales of the Gold Monkey was $49.99 and came up to $31.50.)

I didn't have as much luck with winter boots. I checked Fashion Bug, Payless Shoes, and The Shoe Depot. Shoe Depot was the only store with decent, waterproof, lined winter boots, and they were either too expensive or not the right size. I just want simple zipper-up, waterproof, non-suaede boots. Nothing fancy. Rugged enough to last at least two or three winters, with good tread on the bottoms. I'll just order them from LLBean or Land's End.

Had a slice of broccoli pizza and a slice of mushroom pizza for lunch at Tu Se Bella's. It was only 1 at that point, so I went to work early and bought a bottle of sparkling apple cider for tomorrow. (I figure it'll be gone by the time I finish work tomorrow.)

The cashier I bought the cider from told me we got our paychecks early this week because of the holidays, so I went right over to the desk and picked up mine. (I'm glad we did. God only knows what it'll be like tomorrow, when everyone else is getting theirs before things close for New Year's.)

Work tonight was quite busy, much busier than earlier in the week. People are getting ready for their New Year's dinners and parties, not to mention the beginning of the month.

I watched lots of Stooges when I got home. Fun ones out of this batch include "The Sitter-Downers," where the boys build a home for their prospective sweethearts and "Goots and Saddles" (the Stooges play poker to flush out cattle rustler Longshore Pete for General Muster).

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