Friday, December 17, 2010

Angels We Have Heard On High

I stayed up late last night reading my new Bowery Boys books and subsequently got a later start on the Molasses Roll-Outs than I originally planned. The Molasses Roll-Outs are a cut-out molasses-spice cookie, and they're what I do instead of sugar cookies. Everyone does sugar cookies, but I like these much better. They're rich and crispy and spicy, and not too sweet like many commercial sugar cookies. Like the Biscotti, they get sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon imperials.

Ran The Bishop's Wife while working on the cookies. One of three classic Christmas movies made in 1947 (and one of two dealing with angels), this one tells of a troubled bishop (David Niven) who prays for guidance when he's trying to raise funds for a huge cathedral. He's visited by Dudley (Cary Grant), an angel who shows him what really matters - the love of his friends, his daughter, his smaller, older parish, and his sweet wife Julia (Loretta Young).

This is an enjoyable tale of Christmas cheer. Grant makes for a wonderful angel (I know a lot of people who want him to do the tinsel on their tree), Young is luminous, Niven does well as the unhappy bishop, and character actor Monty Wooley has a grand time as a professor who has never found the words or reason to start his volume of world history...until Dudley gives him one.

I finished both the cookies and The Bishop's Wife just in time. I gulped my leftover chicken stew, changed into my work uniform, grabbed my coat, and hurried to work.

It almost wasn't worth the rush. Work was a little steady during rush hour, but otherwise very dead for most of the night. I'm assuming everyone is still at the malls.

I did discover that yes, I have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off next week. I also have Tuesday off, and no really late hours. Good. I'll have a chance to get the rest of the baking done.

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