Monday, December 10, 2012

Fog & Order

I awoke to a very heavy white fog. I've never seen such heavy fog in December. Pea-soup or peanut butter, it obscured everything. It was a bit less damp by the time I was having breakfast and watching Wonder Woman, but it never really subsided. Wonder Woman did two episodes that were set during Christmas. I went with the slightly more holiday-ish one, "The Deadly Toys" from Season Two. When a top scientist is replaced by a look-a-like android, Diana Prince traces it to a toy shop in Washington DC. The shop is run by a creepy old man who can make life-like replicas of any human...including Wonder Woman!

I spent the rest of the morning doing things online. I updated my inventories and wrote two more quick flash fiction stories for Helium. I think they'll be my last posts there until after the holidays. From tomorrow through Christmas Day, I probably won't have a lot of time for writing. I have other things going on.

Had the last of the leftover Tex-Mex Black Bean Soup for lunch while watching another TV show Christmas episode. Laverne & Shirley also did two Christmas episodes. I have the one from the second season, "Oh Hear the Angel Voices." Carmine talks the girls, Lenny and Squiggy, Laverne's dad, and Mrs. Babish into appearing in his holiday variety show for hospital patients. What he didn't tell them is that they're performing in a mental hospital. Shirley freaks out; she's heard a few too many family stories about mental wards. Laverne's too busy flirting with the patients to be worried. The show goes fairly well...but there's a surprise from the patients at the end...

Rode over to Dad's for a really quick laundry session. Jodie was watching various Law & Order franchises on USA. I don't know how she and Dad do it. I don't mind watching one or two episodes when I visit them. These are good shows. But for hours on end, day after day? I'd get too depressed. These people never even crack a smile. I started another crocheted Christmas present while she puttered around online. Jessa came in during the second episode.

The laundry took longer than I thought it would. I just barely had enough time to hurry home, put everything away, change into my uniform, quickly pack dinner, and rush out. Work was pretty busy up through about 7PM, after which it died very fast. I was bored stiff by the time I got off.

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