Monday, December 03, 2012

Head In the Clouds

I spent most of the morning finishing Maiden Voyage (finally!) and doing research. I need to understand why I have such a hard time talking to people. I get so nervous, I never know what to say, and as I've discovered lately, I almost always say the wrong thing. I'm scared to death that I'll do something wrong and make things worse than they already are. Has it ever occurred to anyone that I go inside my head a lot because it's preferable to the isolation and fear outside of it? I don't know how to meet other people in my situation. I have no idea where other quiet single 30-somethings spend their time. My closest friends live anywhere from 45 minutes to a whole continent away.

I watched more Good Eats on tofu, lentils, peas, and greens. Delighted by the greens, I decided to try a variation of my own to go with the last of my home-made chicken soup. I added two teaspoons each of olive oil, lime juice, and honey and sauteed one very large collard leaf (minus the woody stem) until they were wilted but not mush. I think I overdid the olive oil initially; otherwise it was extremely tasty, sweet and citrus-y all in one mouthful.

Stopped at the mailbox on my way out to pick up today's mail...and that's when I got a bombshell. Temporary Disability sent back those papers I'd been waiting for them to process. I was in such a hurry to get them out, I forgot to have the doctor sign them! No wonder it's taken so long for the money to go through. I feel like a total and complete idiot. I'll get the papers over to the Foot and Ankle Center first thing tomorrow. I hope they put them through this week. I desperately need that money. I'll never be able to pay my rent this month if I don't get it. Fifteen hours at the Acme won't pay my rent or get my Christmas shopping done.

Work was a pain. I know, I'm not allowed to say it's a pain, but it is. It's the beginning of the month, and we had all kinds of annoying and obnoxious people. Thankfully, it was quiet enough by the time I was done for me to leave without a relief.

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