Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Busy Is the Word For Work

Thankfully, by the time I headed out to finally get this week's laundry load done, the storms were long gone. It was sunny and warm but not as bad as the weekend, and the haze was dissipating. NBC's news casts confirmed this when I arrived. It would be warm and clear but not humid for the rest of the week. There were a few people in the laundromat, but it wasn't overwhelmingly busy. I had no problems getting a washer and a drier and finishing The Han Solo Adventures while the news and Today blathered in the background.

When I got home, I put my clothes away, then made tilapia for lunch along with leftovers from the barbecue last night. I pretty much only had time for The Three Stooges before work. They're "Termites of 1938" when three society ladies mistake their exterminating business for an escort service. "Violent Is the Word For Curly" when the trio find themselves as professors in a girls' school, teaching them their famous "Swinging the Alphabet" song. Another society lady mistakes the janitor Stooges for interior decorators in "Tassels In the Air." They find themselves "Playing the Ponies" when they trade their hash house for a race horse. The horse is a dud, until they feed him something that'll really make him a hot prospect - Curly's chili pepperinos!

And yes, work was busy for most of the day again, though not quite as bad as yesterday. Some kids go back to school today. Some go tomorrow or later in the week. Some don't go until next week, especially schools with heavy Jewish populations - Rosh Hashanah is this week, and that's one of their major holidays. (I remember being a little envious of the kids from the several Jewish families in Cape May Elementary who got to stay out for several days in the first month of the school year to celebrate their holidays. Not only did they sound cool, but they were out of school after just going back!)

Other than some mildly annoying people and today was my long shift (7 hours) and I was really worn out by 7PM, there were no major problems. My relief was right on time. When I got out, I found that the broadcast weather was right, for once. It was clear, sunny, and dry, with no humidity or haze in sight. I even turned off the air conditioner for the first time since early last week.

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