Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dancing Through the Fall

Started out another sunny day with Brunch With the Beatles and gingerbread pancakes for a late brunch. The movie and album Magical Mystery Tour were in the spotlight this morning. I haven't seen the movie (and have no desire to - I heard it's almost as weird as the Monkees' Head), but the album of that title is a favorite of mine. Among the familiar songs from this show are "I Am the Walrus," "Baby You're a Rich Man," and the formerly singles-only "Strawberry Fields Forever," "Penny Lane," and "All You Need Is Love." I tried calling Mom at one point, but she and Dad were busy dealing with reorganizing and remodeling their garage. I'll get them tomorrow.

After the show ended, I put on the second disc of The Monkees Present and changed my American Girl dolls into clothes that are more appropriate for fall weather. They all now wear their original "meet" outfits (the clothes the dolls come in and are pictured on in the front cover of their first books), except for Samantha, who wears her blue and white checked Play Dress and Pinafore and a pair of white and black boots with pearly buttons that I think are from Rebecca's Meet Outfit. It's still too warm for Jessa's black corduroys, so I have her in the Drawstring Cargos.

After I finished dressing the girls and organizing their fall clothes, I threw on sneakers and a sweater and headed down to West Clinton for this year's Town Picnic. Every year in late September/early October, Oaklyn has a fair in front of the Oaklyn School with free food, dances, music, a fire engine ride, and games. Last year, they held it on West Clinton instead of behind the school as they had in previous years, and it was there again this year. There were tables for the Girl Scouts to make ornaments for the town Christmas tree (I think they're trying foam ones this time), for a Halloween costume swap, for Studio LuLoo on West Clinton, and for Oaklyn's Garden Club and Historical Society.

(The Historical Society had a really interesting selection of black-and-white vintage photos. One depicted the train overpass next to the Oaklyn Manor Bar. It looked pretty much the same in what appeared to be the 40s as it does now...except for the stairs on the Manor Bar side leading up to the overpass. I'm guessing that's long gone. I thought the area going up to the overpass seemed awfully stair-like.)

There was still plenty of food left when I got there around 1:30, even though the Picnic started at noon. The line wasn't even that long. I had a pulled chicken sandwich, macaroni salad, and a little Gala apple. There were also grilled burgers and hot dogs, baked beans, and the last of what looked like potato salad and cole slaw. I chose an orange cupcake and a slice of chocolate cake from the dessert table.

I arrived just in time for Ovations, the dance studio on West Clinton, to begin their performances. There were some really interesting numbers. The first looked like the older grade-school age kids, who did a dynamic routine on the civil rights movement in the 60s and the integration of schools to a Michael Jackson song. The younger grade-schoolers had more fun with their version of "Lollipop," which they re-recorded themselves as "Soda Pop." They pranced and scurried around pink tables as adorable little waitresses in mint-green diner uniforms. The pre-teen jazz team had an awesome routine to a medley of big band numbers they called "V Day." Two sailor gob boys and three girls (two in polka-dot dresses, one dressed as a nurse) had a cute, energetic routine. The older teen jazz dancers got tougher with a number to the hard-rock-ish "Heads Will Roll."

I wish I could have stayed for more, but I had work. I headed home as the acrobatic club was beginning a Native American-inspired routine. When I got in, I just quickly changed into my uniform and packed a peach for a snack before heading back out.

Work was really busy through about 4:30, not surprising given the Eagles were playing at 4:30 today. It slowed down considerably after that, enough for me to leave quickly without a relief. There were no really major problems, and I was in and out.

(And ugh. I'm glad I missed most of the game. The Denver Broncos mauled the Eagles, 52-20.)

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