Monday, September 09, 2013

If You Need Me, I'll Be Here

I slept in this morning, hoping to dodge the beginnings of some nasty weather this week. Thankfully, it was still sunny when I did get up, though once again a bit warmer and more humid than last week. It took me so long to get going, I didn't get to the laundromat until quarter of 1...and I had work at 3! I was lucky that the laundromat was quiet. When I came in, it was just me and The Young and the Restless. There were a few more people in and out, including a young couple, but I had no problem getting a washer and drier. Good thing too, because I had a big load, including towels. I rushed home after it was all done and had just barely enough time to change into my now-clean uniform, eat some leftovers for lunch, pack dinner, and rush off to the Acme!

After all that, work wasn't that bad. It was quiet when I came in and dead as a doornail when I left. It did get really busy during rush hour. For one thing, today's the first day of school for many districts, and the first full day of school for the others. Tonight was also the Eagles' opening game against the Redskins on Monday Night Football, a big game as the Eagles have a new head coach this year who would be getting a big test against a rival team.

I found out why the Acme cleared out so fast when I finally made it home. Chip Kelly was passing his first week's test with flying colors as the Eagles were killing the 'Skins 33-7 when I switched on the radio. They faltered in the second half, but still held off the Redskins long enough to win their opener 33-27.

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