Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jazz For a Late Summer's Day

I got up a little earlier than usual for a Sunday. I had to work at 11, so I skipped the Brunch With the Beatles show and listened to one of my Classic Disney CDs instead. I did have just enough time to make Chocolate Chip Spice Pancakes for breakfast before heading off to work.

Given that today was a very lovely Sunday and the Eagles played at 1PM, you probably won't be surprised to hear it was busy all afternoon. My stepsister Jessa came through my line at one point. She'd been drafted to do shopping for Dad and Jodie. They were having a small get-together for the Eagles game - Rose and her family, Mark and Vanessa, a couple of neighbors, nothing like the huge blow-outs Uncle Ken used to have - and invited me to join them after work.

I debated for the next few hours whether or not I'd be up for it. I finally decided that I'd spent way too much time alone at home this week. When I did get off, I hurried home, changed into regular clothes, and rode over to Dad's.

Although Jessa herself came in later (she'd been upstairs in her room), there were plenty of other people there, including Mark and Vanessa and neighbors who had little kids who were friends of Khai's. It wasn't as crowded as Uncle Ken's parties were, but there was food. Rose made a spicy seafood gumbo. (I don't care what she says. Her definition of "spicy" is different than mine. To her, mildly spicy is "anything that doesn't set the entire inside of your head on fire.") Jodie made her famous chili. Jessa made a dip from yogurt and confetti icing that was surprisingly good. Someone brought a fudgy chocolate cake and a tasty tomato-basil salad.

The game was a hot one. The Eagles were losing badly when I saw them in the Acme's back room during my break. By 3:30, they had caught up to the Chargers 23-20. By almost the end of the fourth quarter, they were tied 30-30. Alas, a last-minute field goal gave the Chargers the win. The Eagles still put up a good fight, and they've certainly played better than anyone would have thought they would with a new coach. (I just hope they do as well on Thursday against the Kansas City Chiefs. Not only are they playing against their former coach Andy Reid, but I'll be watching that one with Mom - I'll be on vacation by then.)

I spent another hour or so after the game talking to Rose, Jodie, and the kids' mom while watching Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and episodes of the most recent version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (Khai's favorite Turtle is Michelangelo, by the way.) I'm a little worried about Rose. She says she hasn't been feeling well and will be going to the doctor's tomorrow for some tests. I hope it isn't anything serious.

When I got home, I called Mom and had a quick chat with her. I then gave my porch and steps a much-needed sweeping (there's still acorn and pepper nut pieces all over the place), then spent a blissful hour listening to my Jazz For the Quiet Times CD and finishing Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. I had just enough time to change my sheets to the slightly heavier ones I use for spring and fall before going online.

Oh, and I'm now getting a ride to Erma on Wednesday. Dad and Jodie are going to Cape May on Wednesday for Dad's class reunion. They offered to drop me off at Mom's on their way. It does mean that I'll be leaving later than I planned, but it'll also save me some money and time getting down there. I'll still take the bus and train home on Friday.

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