Saturday, November 01, 2014

Changes In the Air and On the Air

The day did not begin well. I a totally different show on WOGL. It was some random thing by a local host. They didn't have a real countdown, though they did have the top 5 songs of the fall of 1986. It was very disappointing. A big part of the appeal of the American Top 40 was hearing what all of the songs of a given year were, not just five, recorded when those songs were really major hits.

The day only picked up slightly as I ran a few more horror-oriented cartoons and TV show episodes I didn't squeeze in yesterday. In The Backyardigans third season episode "The Funnyman Boogeyman," Pablo and Uniqua are ghost chasers, tracking down the Boogeyman in a theater. Austin isn't nearly as nasty as they think. He's really a comic spook who only wants to make the kids laugh. Uniqua and Pablo prove to be a tough audience as they run from anything that looks mildly scary, even Austin's jokes.

I spent the next hour paying bills and looking up stuff online. I did get some good news. Willa, the wife of my next-door neighbor Richard, called and told me the purchase had gone through. They bought the house, and Miss Willa is now officially my landlady. She had a few papers she wanted me to sign, but otherwise, everything would be remaining the same, including my rent. It sounds like one of their sons is going to move into the lower apartment, but it required so many repairs, it may be late spring or even summer before it happens.

99 and Max find themselves wondering "Is This Trip Necessary?" during the fifth season of Get Smart. Jarvis Pim (Vincent Price), CHAOS' mad pharmacist, tainted the water coolers of several government buildings with a drug that induces hallucinations. The spy duo head for the water works company to stop Pim from putting the drug into Washington DC's reservoirs.

It poured all morning. I hadn't been planning on doing yard sales anyway, but it rained so hard, I never got to the Farm Market. Dad had to pick me up and drive me to work.

Work was a pain in the rear. Beginning of the month crowds crossed with bad weather and a lot of people who were still getting over yesterday's celebrating resulted in long lines, cranky people, a lack of help. That turkey coupon had last year - the one that only came in the mail, and could only be used if the customer had a hundred dollar or more order, and only if they had the coupon on them - is back again. I was hoping they wouldn't do it again after it was nothing but a pain last year.

One woman pushed and pushed and pushed a man who had a hundred dollar order to get the turkey, despite not having the coupon. I tried to explain, but everyone ignored me. She went and got the turkey, even after he'd already paid for his order. We put it on her order to get him out of there. Of course, she didn't have a coupon, and her order was nowhere near a hundred dollars. And the lady behind us was held up and got very angry. I tried and tried to explain about the coupon, but all I got was upset. I ended up being sent to calm down and was fussed at later by another manager.

Though it was slowing down by 6, my last customers had a very long line and I had no relief. I was late getting out to Dad. By that point, the rain was down to heavy wind and chill. Dad dropped me off at my apartment...but I made a bee-line to Willa and Richard's house next door to sign the rent agreements. They're really nice people. Richard's the one who always shoved the snow for me until this year. I hope he can do it again this winter, especially after what happened with the guy Andrew hired earlier this year.

When I got home, I cheered myself up with an episode of Moonlighting that seemed appropriate for the still dark and gloomy night. "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice" for Maddie and David in this famous second season episode. A client tells the two about a notorious murder case in a nightclub in the 40s that had a man killing a woman's husband. They went to the chair without revealing whose idea it really was. Maddie automatically assumes it was the man's idea. David insists that women are capable of murder, too. They both have black-and-white 40s film noir dreams about it. Maddie's turns into a parody of wronged woman films and has the nightclub's singer (her) betrayed by a coronet player (David) after he lures her into witnessing her husband's killing. David's is more overtly comic, with the singer now in an abusive relationship, turning to the nice-guy coronet player for solace...and to get rid of her jerk spouse.

(Orson Welles appears in a short opening sequence explaining the concept of the black-and-white spoofs. It was the last thing he ever did. He died a few days later.)

I heard from Rose right before I finished out the turkey tenderloin and with mushrooms and green pepper. Khai felt well enough to go trick-or-treating with friends for a little while yesterday. He was Captain America. Rose is going down to Cape May County again for Thanksgiving Day and the day after. I'm hoping I'll be able to join her. I had a great time last year.

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