Friday, November 14, 2014

Scooby Doo and the Chilly Day Mysteries

Brrr! I awoke to 40-degree temperatures and lots of wind. Finished Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm while snuggled under the covers. Rebecca is similar to Emily of New Moon. Once again, a spirited young girl finds herself in the care of grouchy old maids and changes the lives of them and everyone around her. Rebecca is a lively chatterbox with a knack for getting into trouble. She's moved to a small New England town to live with her aunts and attend school. Her story is surprisingly fun and not nearly as sugary as its reputation would have it.

Ran the first Scooby Doo holiday special, "A Nutcracker Scoob," as I ate breakfast. This episode from the early 80s incarnation of the show has Fred joining Daphne, Scrappy, Shaggy, and Scooby, who are taking part in a small orphanage's Christmas show. A nasty old man threatens to throw the kids out, and Mystery Inc is determined to find out why. Meanwhile, the Ghost of Christmas Past arrives to scare the Dickens out of the entire group!

Continued with a couple of shorts while I cleaned up my breakfast and got ready for work. "Alaskan King Coward" has Shaggy and the dogs gold-mining in Alaska. They accidentally unthaw an ancient lizard while searching for gold. Shaggy and Scooby try to outrun him...but Scrappy wants to take on this scaly claim-jumper! Went to Popeye for "I-Ski-You-Ski." Popeye and Olive go mountain climbing in order to get to their skiing cabin. Bluto's determined to make stop them...and then to be the only one Olive goes skiing with!

Work was on-and-off busy all day. While the turkey coupon promotion is over, we still have turkeys on deep sales, including big Butterballs. Not to mention, there's all the people who got rain checks when we were out of turkeys. I was in express all day, which meant I had some crabby customers who wouldn't bag or were in a hurry. I also had lots of people paying with checks, despite the sign in front of the register clearly stating that the express line is check-free. Thankfully, they were able to call in a stock person for me, as my relief is one of the newly-hired college kids who has to work a few months before they can come in for someone.

I had a little grocery shopping to do after work. A 99 cent sale on Cool Whip inspired myself to grab a pie crust and dark chocolate mousse mix as well and make a pudding pie for dessert. Needed a major meat restock, too. Fortunately, Purdue was on a 40% off sale. I bought two containers of ground chicken and a package of chicken breasts. Got three more dollar fish packs for quick after-work meals. The other big thing I needed was cereal. I ran out this morning. I found the Acme generic Multi-Grain Cheerios for two dollars. The many baking sales yielded I Can't Believe It's Not Butter for $2.50.

My schedule for this week is a little better than last week's. Same amount of hours. That's not only disappointing for this time of year, it's impractical. Thanksgiving is two weeks from yesterday! Two weeks from the biggest food holiday of the year is a bad time to be cutting hours. Otherwise, my schedule is pretty decent. Two days off (Tuesday for counseling) and nothing earlier than 11:30 or later than 7.

When I got home, I had the last of the leftover turkey tenderloin with carrots, sweet potatoes, and Cranberry Flummery for dinner while watching Barbie In the Nutcracker. The first Barbie In/As special and the first of three Barbie holiday specials to date is Mattel's interpretation of the beloved ballet. Barbie tells the story of Clara, a young woman who is dying to show her grandfather and aunt how adult and responsible she can be. She gets her chance when she goes with the Nutcracker her aunt gave her to help her return to her original size and him return to his original form. Not a bad start to the Barbie series; the animation is stiff and waxy (and so's the Nutcracker), but the story is enjoyable and the dancing is lovely.

Finished out the night with more Scooby. "That's Snow Ghost" from the original show has Mystery Inc visiting a run-down ski resort that's being terrorized by what appears to be the ghost of the Abominable Snowman! An elderly Tibetan man thinks the ghost is after him, but the kids have a different idea about what the "Snow Ghost" is up to.

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Linda said...

I can't believe how many people still use checks. The only one I write anymore is for the guy who cuts our lawn.