Monday, November 03, 2014

Winds of Fall

I awoke to a blustery blue fall day that was chilly and a little windy, but not as bad as yesterday. I ran my first mildly holiday-related program of the year during breakfast. The Backyardigans did two Christmas episodes during their four-season run. "The Secret of Snow," from the second season, has more to do with winter than the holidays. Uniqua desperately wants to know the secret of snow and goes to the Frozen North to ask the Ice Lady (Tasha) and her bored assistant (Austin) how it's done. Uniqua has no time for her questions. She sends her to the desert, where she meets Cowboy Pablo, and the Jungle, where she meets Tyrone of the Jungle. They ultimately discover that the real secret of snow has less to do with the weather and more to do with friendship.

Today was my 8-hour work shift. It wasn't that bad when I came in. I actually spent the first half-hour or so doing returns. I watched the Halloween decorations being taken down and the candy being put on clearance and the Christmas items being pulled out. However, when it got busy, it stayed busy. We were insane from 11 right through 6, with barely a stop. Beginning of the month customers coupled with the huge early holiday baking and cooking sales we're having and that darn turkey coupon added up to all-day pandemonium. The fact that we ran out of turkeys by mid-day and won't be getting more until Wednesday didn't help. I didn't have a relief either and barely got out on time.

When I did get home (after buying more of those yummy fruit chew bars that are on clearance for work), I ran more Bowery Boys as I had the last of the leftover chili for dinner. They're saying Let's Go Navy! when they join up to find the two sailors who stole the money they raised for charity. While Slip and the others search every sailor onboard for the tattoo that belongs to one of the man who robbed them, Sach proceeds to drive his commanding officer (Alan Jenkins) crazy with his shenanigans that somehow manage to get the poor captain wet every time.

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