Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Eagles Blow the Texans Away

I spent a windy, chilly morning eating Gingerbread Pancakes for breakfast and taking down the Halloween decorations. I was going to leave them up all weekend, but one of the pumpkins fell off the condensation-covered windows. I finally decided I'd had enough. I'm a bigger fan of most of the November and December holidays anyway. I'll get the Thanksgiving decorations up on Tuesday. (I work 8 hours tomorrow and won't have the time.) Ran George Winston's gentle Autumn piano solos as I worked.

It was a blustery blue-and-gold day, but I didn't have a hard time getting to work. Work was completely insane for most of the evening. We had lines around the store, even when we had as many people as we could get working. That turkey coupon continues to be a problem. People forget them, or want to use them later (and don't realize they can't save up for them), or don't buy 100 dollars worth of items. I really wish they'd just settled for selling the turkeys cheap and given up on the darn coupons.

Thankfully, my relief was one of the sweet college girls who was right on time. I actually needed a few things. I bought bananas, grapefruit, cheese, and cranberries to make up for what I couldn't get at the farm market yesterday. I forgot mouse traps yesterday, too. I've been having mouse problems for weeks. Hershey's has Mint Chocolate Chips this year. I love mint and chocolate and couldn't resist trying them. The bottles of Sparkling Poland Water are 69 cents - I bought two. They were clearing out those small fruit chew bars that were in the produce department. I bought two for a snack, and enjoyed them so much, I may get more tomorrow.

The Eagles game was done when I got home. Despite losing their quarterback Nick Foles in the early second quarter to a shoulder injury, the Eagles still played a great game. I saw their back-up quarterback Mark Sanchez throw an amazing bomb mid-way through the second quarter that ended up in a touchdown. They were up 14-7 during my break. They eventually went on to win the game 31-21. 

(Dad has got to be happy. The Dolphins gave the Chargers a huge walloping. They never let them get on the board and ultimately won 37-0.)

I ended my Halloween season by changing my AG dolls out of their costumes and into warmer outfits for late fall. Samantha and Molly wear the outfits they came in originally (Molly with Samantha's new black Mary-Janes and the knee socks from Kit's School Outfit). Josefina's "meet" outfit shift has short sleeves, which are no longer appropriate for our chilly weather. I compromised by pairing her red "meet" skirt with the long-sleeved camisa and sash from her Harvest Outfit. I put Felicity in her Laced Jacket and Petticoat. Whitney got the 50s poodle skirt outfit Felicity used for Halloween paired with a pink knitted doll-sized cardigan sweater I found at a yard sale several years ago. Jessa wears the modern AG Drawstring Cargo pants and navy hoody, the magenta Springfield Collection rose-print long-sleeved T shirt I bought for my birthday, and the white and turquoise sneakers from the mid-2000s "Ready For Fun" modern AG doll "meet" outfit.

I ran a couple of records while having a quick dinner of tilapia in white wine sauce with a tomato and honey-glazed carrots. Fiorello! was in honor of Election Day on Tuesday. Tom Bosley (Mr. Cunningham on Happy Days) won a Tony as Fiorello LaGuardia, who went on to become one of the most famous mayors New York ever had.

Moved to the movie soundtrack of The Boy Friend as I cleaned up from my meal. Model Twiggy leads a cast of British character actors (and Tommy Tune) in this tribute to the film musicals of the late 20s and 30s. (For some reason, in addition to the entire original score of the Sandy Wilson show, Twiggy gets two additional solos that are long-time MGM standards, "You are My Lucky Star" and "All I Do Is Dream Of You.")

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Linda said...

Emma, you need to tell the new landlord about the mice. That's a big health hazard for you and whomever is moving in downstairs.