Saturday, November 15, 2014

Strange Tales of the Supernatural

Started off the morning with a run to the Collingswood Farm Market. Today is the Farm Market's second-to-last weekend, and there's now far more craft booths than food booths. There were enough food booths left open that I made a decent haul. I ended up with my bananas from the tropical fruit sellers, mushrooms, my favorite little apples, cranberries, and sweet potatoes. It was cold this morning, barely in the 40s, and while it was crowded, it wasn't quite as bad as usual despite a nice, sunny day.

Work was massively insane for a lot of the day. It's a little less than two weeks before Thanksgiving. A lot of people are picking up their non-perishable goods and their meats for the holiday. This was made even worse by a huge lack of help. That's what they get for cutting hours in mid-November. The managers kept calling up stock kids to take the lines whenever they got long. When they slowed down, they'd let them go...and they'd have to call them back again when the lines started snaking around the store. It didn't help that many people were nasty, rude, and just plain grouchy. I was utterly delighted when one of the college girls appeared on time so I could grab some skim milk and rush home.

When I got home, I made spiced chicken thighs and roasted Brussels sprouts for dinner while finishing out Gravity Falls, which I began this morning. The strange tales of life in the weirdest little town in Oregon continue, as twins Dipper and Mabel find more odd conspiracies. Dipper himself causes some of the biggest scares, thanks to his desire to get a date with sensible teen Wendy. In "The Time Traveler's Pig," he, Mabel, and Mabel's new pet pig Waddles swipe a machine from a man from the future that allows them to travel through time. Dipper wants to change his chances of impressing Wendy...but it seems that his desire to win his girl may cost his sister her beloved porcine pal.

"Summerween" also involves Dipper trying to impress Wendy. This time, he attempts to blow off Mabel's trick-or-treating for the town's mid-summer Halloween celebration in favor of a party Wendy is attending. He has second thoughts when a "Summerween Trickster" forces him, Mabel, her friends, and Soos to collect 500 pieces of candy or get eaten!

The obnoxious, bratty Gideon from the last collection reappears in "Little Dipper." Dipper is tired of being teased about his height. He finds a crystal in the woods and uses it to make him taller than Mabel. It's all well and fun until Gideon gets his hands on it. After Gideon shrinks them and Soos, they have to work together to stop Gideon from taking the Mystery Shack from Grunkle Stan.

The most creative episode was "Bottomless Pit." It was actually a mini-anthology of four short cartoons, told as stories when Grunkle Stan, Soos, and the twins fall into the afore-mentioned everlasting pit. Soos' story has him and the twins finding themselves inside a pinball machine that doesn't like how Soos cheated at it. Dipper's story is another variation on him trying to avoid being teased - here, he takes a liquid that makes his voice deeper, but unnatural for a 12-year-old. Mabel's story shows her giving Grunkle Stan a pair of teeth that make him tell the truth constantly. He almost gives away all his secrets - including tax fraud - before the twins get the teeth out. (Grunkle Stan's was basically a two-second short on how wonderful he thinks he is.)

Finished out the night with more traditional Disney. Mickey's Christmas Carol was an added attraction with a re-release of The Rescuers during the Christmas season of 1983. Mickey plays Bob Cratchit in this abbreviated retelling of the beloved holiday novella. Uncle Scrooge, of course, is Ebeneezer Scrooge, who learns an important lesson in charity from four strange ghosts (Goofy, Jiminy Cricket, Willie the Giant, and Big Pete) one Christmas Eve.

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