Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beautiful Day for Cookies and Football

I couldn't believe how chilly it was when I got up this morning. My apartment was cold! I celebrated with Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes and disco records. The pancakes came out really well, too. I haven't had such sweet apples in years. I hope they're like that all fall.

It was still partly cloudy out when I made it to work. We were crazy until we got a shower around 2 PM. After that, it was still busy, but not as bad as before. It was much busier than it has been in months! Cooler weather coupled with the first day of football season and the first full week of school must have sent people scrambling to refill their cupboards.

I saw part the Dolphins-Redskins game when I was in the back room. One guy who caught the ball and went out of bounds landed hard on his shoulder. Ouch! He had to be carted out of the game. I hope he was ok.

(It didn't seem effect the Dolphins' game. They eventually won 17-10.)

It was still a little cloudy when I headed home, but not doing anything worse than spitting a little. I even took the long way home down Nicholson. While they weren't there today, it looks like they're finally repairing the rest of Manor Avenue up around the Manor Bar during the weekdays. (I saw a party on someone's lawn as I passed - birthday party? Leftover Labor Day barbecue?)

As soon as I got home, I changed into regular clothes, then decided it was a baking day. I hadn't made cookies in ages. I opted to try that "Ally's Snappy Ginger Snap" recipe from The Beanie Baby Hand Book again; I really liked it when I made it earlier this year. Alas, I either put too much canola oil in the cookies or left something out. They spread far too much and looked more like chocolate chip cookies than ginger snaps. Still tasted pretty good, but they're kind of oily now.

I had more luck with throwing together a tasty Turkey-Sweet Pepper-Tomato Stir Fry from leftovers while I listened to 80's records. My family had Madonna's Like a Virgin on cassette and Paul McCartney's Pipes Of Peace on record in the mid-80's, and we listened to both quite a bit.

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