Friday, September 18, 2015

Late Summer Fantasies

Started a hot, sunny, dry morning with the Peanuts. Despite the title, There's No Time For Love, Charlie Brown really has more to do with school than love. Charlie Brown is assigned to do a report on a field trip to the art museum for class. He, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Snoopy, and Woodstock somehow take a wrong turn and end up in a supermarket instead.

I spent most of the morning writing and ignoring the 80's music and cursing blasting from the workers downstairs. Scott asks Betty what "Sir Johnathan Arnold," aka "The Black Knight," wanted from her. She lies and tells him he was asking her what she was doing to Pruitt. Betty asks him how he'd feel if Sir Johnathan Arnold wasn't who he said he was...if he wasn't all bad. Scott points out that he's been doing Pruitt's dirty work and parroting the Shadow Realm's twisted philosophies, not to mention attacked him earlier in the day. Yes, he can be all bad.

As the weeks pass, Scott and Mr. Eldridge continue Betty's magic education. Mr. Eldridge teaches her to use her light powers and to heal. Scott teaches her how to use a sword, tries to get her to help with his stealing, and continues to look for more information about where Gertie is being held. He's frequently off on "errands" he won't tell anyone about, even Betty.

Ran another animated special while having zucchini-chocolate-chip muffins and an apple for lunch. Garfield's Feline Fantasies take the fat cat and his huge imagination everywhere from a submarine to the Wild West. Since Jon seems to rescue him and Odie after every adventure, Garfield thinks they're indestructible. He comes up with a very goofy James Bond-esque action spoof about finding the Banana of Bombay to test his theory.

Work was a little busier than yesterday, but otherwise still pretty quiet. Once again, I did a lot of working on story notes. It was so quiet by 5 PM, I was able to sign out with no relief and no need for one.

Not too bad of a schedule next week. I still don't have enough hours, and in fact, have fewer than last week. Otherwise, it's all late morning and afternoon work, nothing even as late as the 2 to 7 I worked last Wednesday. Relatively early day on Sunday, but that means I'll be off in time for the 4:30 Eagles game. Monday and Tuesday off again.

I still don't need much in the way of groceries. Found a small container of steamed shrimp with a manager's coupon - I'll have that this weekend or next week. Restocked sugar, parchment paper, small plastic sandwich bags (I like the ones you can twist-tie), and yogurt. I bought two small containers of Fage Yogurt, rather than one big one. I don't really eat yogurt that often anymore - the big ones get moldy when I leave them for too long, and it's a waste.

When I got home, I put on Fairie Tale Theatre while having crab cakes and leftover Chinese beans and tomatoes for dinner. "Rapunzel" is a far more traditional take on this story than Disney's Tangled. Producer Shelly Duval is the title maiden, who is trapped in a tower by a witch (Gena Rowlands) who wants to protect her. Enter a handsome prince (Jeff Bridges) who gets her to let him into the tower. The two fall in love, but the witch, who hates men, sends Rapunzel away and throws the prince out of the tower and into blindness. It's Rapunzel who ultimately cures him, and reminds him that true love requires trust and perseverance.

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