Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Before the Storms

Actually, I spent most of a rainy morning writing. Betty and Mackie are now on the road to Yorkalia City. Mackie tries to get Betty to talk more about her altercation with Scott. She avoids his questions, especially since Scott wasn't around to see them off. They finally stop for lunch in a meadow filled with multi-colored flowers. But these flowers aren't as benign or as pretty as they seem. The glitter around them is putting Mackie and Betty to sleep...and luring them into becoming snacks for hungry flora...

I went for a quick walk around noon. It was still warm, cloudy, and humid, but the rain was long gone by then. I was hoping Studio LuLoo would be open. It was not. I ended up at Viola's International Deli instead for a snack. They were busy as heck. Not only was it the lunch hour, but they're new, and a lot of people may be trying them out of sheer novelty. I settled for two white chocolate chunk cookies. (Which were tasty but very sweet.)

Had leftovers for lunch while doing mildly spooky episodes of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh to kick off the Halloween season. Piglet is "A Knight to Remember" when he imagines that he has to fight a fierce dragon during an attempt by the others to play chess pieces. No one's getting much sleep in "Rock-a-Bye Pooh" when Piglet has a nightmare about losing his friends and fears that if he sleeps again, it'll come true. Piglet's not-so-scary version of "The Monster Frankenpooh" gets out of hand when Tigger keeps making it - and Pooh - bigger and darker. Everyone's scared by "Things That Go Piglet In the Night" when they think they hear a ghost and go searching for it.

Work was very busy during rush hour, fairly quiet otherwise. Most people are probably waiting for the beginning of the month tomorrow or trying to avoid the weather. I spent the downtime working on four mini-notebook pages-worth of fanfic ideas. There were no major problems, and my relief was on time.

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