Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Rather Blustery Day

Started out a cloudy, windy morning with breakfast and The Hoober-Bloob Highway. This unusual Dr. Seuss special takes a newborn child through all the ins and outs of being human, from where we live to what we learn. Mr. Hoober-Bloob and his over-eager mandolin assistant remind the child that there are other options...and that being a human can be complicated, but it can be wonderful, too.

Headed to the farm market around 10:30. Wow, were they busy! I didn't think anyone would be around, given everything that's going on this weekend. The fall harvest continues to roll out. I saw chestnuts for the first time this week. I ended up with peaches (yellow this time), apples, a tomato, and I thought I'd give watercress a shot. I've read about it, but never tried it.

I tried looking around for some yard sales, but I only found one just a block from the farm market in Collingswood. Alas, they had nothing interesting, mostly recent kids' toys. I couldn't even find the other one. I ultimately just went home across a busy Newton Lake Park, stopping at WaWa on the way for a Peach Cream Smoothie and eggs. Had peach muffins for lunch, then hurried out to work.

Work was on-and-off busy all afternoon, more than yesterday. It got really busy at a couple of points! My break was late again, as it was yesterday. Thankfully, my relief was on time, and it had slowed down a lot by that point anyway. I went right home.

When I got in, I ate leftovers for dinner while watching The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. The first three Pooh featurettes are brought together with new linking material. The first story involves Pooh's quest for honey, which ranges from invading a honey tree covered in mud to eating all of Rabbit's stores and getting stuck in his doorway. The second introduces Piglet and Tigger as Pooh deals with a windy day and a bad flood...and Tigger's talk about heffalumps and woozels giving him some seriously weird nightmares. Tigger's in the spotlight in the third story. He's driving Rabbit crazy with his bouncing, so the yellow bunny comes up with ways to get him to calm down. It's Tigger who finally bounces his way into trouble, and shows that a little bouncing can be a lot of fun when done together.

A fourth Pooh short was released in the early 80's and is included in both DVD releases of Many Adventures as an extra. Eeyore joins Tigger and the others for "Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore." Eeyore's upset that not only did Tigger bounce him into the river, but everyone forgot his birthday. Pooh and Piglet do their best to bring gifts and spread the word.

I'm a huge Pooh fan, so yeah, I love the first full-length Pooh Disney movie. Older kids and some adults who aren't into Pooh may find it too tame compared to some other Disney movies, but that does make this a perfect first Disney for very young kids. Highly recommended; one of the most charming things Disney ever did.

Lauren went to a party and was coming in a little late, so I finished the night with a bath. Ahhh. It's great to be able to take a really warm bath again. I needed to relax. I listened to George Winston's Vince Guaraldi CD and looked over Christmas books for gift ideas. I was so tired, I lay back and just soaked for a lot of the hour.

Oh, and my neighbor Richard called me about a little over an hour ago and said he'd found a bike for me that a friend of his hadn't wanted. I'm already in my pajamas after my bath. I'll check it out tomorrow.

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