Thursday, September 24, 2015

Peach-y Keen Morning

Started another glorious fall morning by running more Fairie Tale Theatre to drown out the banging and cursing and 80's music blasting downstairs. "The Princess and the Pea" is one of the more comic episodes. Tom Conti is the frustrated, bored prince who wants to find a "perfect" princess. Liza Minelli is the princess who shows up in a rain storm one night and ultimately befriends the prince. His snobbish mother doesn't approve of that one bit. She gives the girl a test to prove that she's a real princess - if she's a real princess, she'll be delicate enough to feel a pea through 20 mattresses.

Did two fairy-tale-themed Disney cartoons after the show ended. "Ye Olden Days" is a cute later black-and-white short featuring Mickey as a minstrel who fights Prince Goofy for Princess Minnie's hand in marriage. "Dragon Around" has Chip and Dale defending their tree home against Donald and his dragon-like steam shovel.

I ate breakfast and made Fresh (White) Peach Muffins while the show was on. This is one of the recipes from that muffin cookbook my friend Jen Waters gave me a few years ago. It tastes great, but it's way too crumbly. I think I'll add some water or milk next time to make it a bit smoother.

I'd just pulled the muffins out of the oven when it was time to head off to work. Work was pretty dead again. Everyone is either waiting for the beginning of the month next week or is in Philly preparing for the Pope's visit. There were no major problems, not even very long lines. My relief was actually a little early.

It was such a nice day, I took the long way home down Nicholson Road. The traffic wasn't great, but I didn't really have any other outdoor plans. It was too nice to be inside all day! The sky was blue. The air was warm, but the wind was still a bit chilly. Besides, I wanted to take my first ride on the new blacktop on the other side of Manor Avenue. (I hope they get to our side soon!)

Spent the rest of the day working on fanfiction. Scott quickly sends Betty up to bed after dinner. Mackie calls him on his obvious feelings for her. He tries to hide them at first, then points out it wouldn't work. She's a Light Magician, and will be a knight if she becomes an official Guardian. He's a thief and a criminal.

Mr. Eldridge and Scott discuss the state of Wennaria after Mackie goes to his cart to sleep. Mr. Eldridge tells Scott about how the Guardians and their talismans were scattered across the kingdom after the death of King Justin. The Earth Guardian's widow has his things, but is in hiding. The Water Guardian, Lady Hilary, will work with the Rebel Society, but fears using her powers. Victor Comstock was the Air Guardian. His things were with him when he died; no one knows where they are now. King Justin's sister hid his Dark Talisman and weapon before he was killed. The Fire Guardian was killed by the Shadow Realm; his things are also missing.

Scott explains that's what the Rebel Society wants - to find the Guardians and their artifacts and return them to power, so they can help defeat the Shadow Realm. It's just a matter of finding the talismans and weapons, and finding people who will be willing to search for them.

Started The Mark of Zorro during my leftovers dinner. The 1940 version of the tales of the Masked Avenger of Old California has Tyrone Power in the title role as the dashing adventurer who lives a double life as a silly fop, the beautiful Spanish maiden he courts (Linda Darnell), and the wicked head of the guards (Basil Rathbone) who is the real head of Los Angeles. A classic bit of fun if you like swashbucklers or daring Scarlet Pimpernel-style tales.

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