Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Last Days of a Golden Summer

Began the morning with the John Lennon Shaved Fish record and Peach Brown Sugar Pancakes. Like my other two record finds yesterday, I believe this was a rather oddly-named greatest-hits album. Among the favorites included are "Instant Karma," "Imagine," "Power to the People," "Whatever Gets You Through the Night," and "Happy Xmas (The War Is Over)."

Work was insane, far busier than it has been since as far back as Memorial Day. Today was the first day the Eagles were playing at home and on a Sunday, and it was a big game too, against the Dallas Cowboys. There were a lot of local events going on this weekend as well, including Oaklyn's Town Picnic (which I missed, unfortunately). I was frustrated and annoyed, especially when one woman had absolutely no idea what she was doing with her WIC Checks (though she admitted as such and took it well when it took forever to ring her order). I was glad when my relief was right on time.

When I got home, I changed into regular clothes and spent an hour working on my story. Scott is now teaching Betty the art of swordsmanship. Betty initially gets Scott on the ground, but he tricks her and pulls her down with him, reminding her to not let her guard down. They're about to kiss when they hear someone yelling for help in the woods. It turns out to be Mackie, a traveling actor who's had a bad that's made worse when he's attacked by a monster on the road...

Headed to Jodie and Dad's house around 4:30. My cousins Mark and Vanessa, Vanessa's daughter Brittany, and a couple of neighbors and their kids were already there. The game had hardly begun. It wasn't a very good game. No one played very well for the first half. Dallas did score, but barely. The defenses kept pushing the offenses back, and the offenses wouldn't get anywhere. Things did pick up in the second half. While the Eagles ultimately lost 20-10, they did knock out Dallas' star quarterback Tony Romo with a broken collarbone similar to the injury I saw in the Dolphins' game last week.

Khai had more fun. He was tired and cranky for the first half-hour or so after he and Rose arrived. He and his family had not only gone to the Town Picnic for 2 and 1/2 hours, but had run in Oaklyn's Color Marathon as well. He wouldn't eat the tacos and whined to his mother that he wanted grilled cheese instead. The grilled cheese did seem to cheer him up a bit. That, and the reemergence of the neighbors' kids after their own dinner, put him in a far better mood.

He and the neighbors' kids, including cute little Chloe from Labor Day (who is evidently in Khai's class, according to her), spent most of the evening riding various Big Wheels and random tricycles at the next-door neighbors' home. They practically turned the driveway around their car into a NASCAR track! They all laughed and ran around and had so much fun. They were so cute to watch. I went back and forth between them and the game.

The tacos were tasty, too. They were pretty basic tacos, with your choice of hard or soft shell. I went soft - less messy. There also several hot sauces for those who are that brave, including one Mark brought that had a skull dangling off the cap. One tiny taste sent Dana and Jodie reeling towards the sink for water! (It seemed to go over a little better in actual food.) Vanessa brought a very citrus-y lemon cake.

Oh, and I told Jodie and Rose the day I'm leaving for vacation. I got the tickets yesterday. I'll be leaving Cherry Hill at 9:55 on Columbus Day and coming home by 7:30 on the 18th. Rose says either she or Craig will drop me off and pick me up at Cherry Hill - Dad has a doctor's appointment at 9 on Columbus Day. Rose and Jodie also said I could borrow a small rolling suitcase like Lauren's from either of them - they both travel more than I do. My two suitcases are really much too big to drag around train stations. I wanted to buy something like Lauren's, but I'm simply not going to have the money this year.

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