Sunday, August 14, 2016

Road to Vacation

Was up with Lauren very late last night. I slept in this morning, then finally had Zucchini-Apple Pancakes for breakfast. Ran two vacation-themed Monkees episodes as I savored my meal and did the dishes. Mexico's "A Nice Place to Visit" in the second season opener, but the boys aren't sure they want to stay there when Davy falls for the girlfriend of a bandit. The other three dress as bandits when the group kidnaps their British friend. They're "Monkees In Manhattan" in the late first season when they're invited to New York to star in a new rock musical...but the show may never get off the ground if they can't first find a way to stay in their hotel room, then get the show a backer.

Headed out to the laundromat as soon as I finished breakfast. I had to get a big load done if I wanted to finish my packing. I'm glad I showed up when I did. About ten minutes after I stuffed my clothes in the washer, the room started to fill with families and older people getting their things done. I listened to Olympic Women's Basketball (the US walloped China 105-62) and worked on story notes.

I went home, put everything away, packed what I needed for the week, and headed right back out. I wanted to use that $5 WaWa gift card I got from the Haddon Township Library before they closed and I left town. A lot of the shelves are missing items, and the displays are gone, but I still was able to pick up a roast beef hoagie on a whole wheat roll, a bag of baked multi-grain chips, and their amazing Chocolate Banana Smoothie.

When I got home, I ate my hoagie and chips and watched most of Road to Rio. Musicians Hot Lips Barton (Bob Hope) and Scat Sweeney (Bing Crosby) stow away on board a luxury liner bound for Rio after they accidentally burn down a circus. Scat's a sucker for a sad story from a weeping female, and despite Hot Lips' admonishment, he finds himself stopping an heiress named Lucia (Dorothy Lamour) from jumping overboard. Lucia is being hypnotized by her scheming aunt (Gale Sondergaard) who is after her money. The more she blows hot and cold, the more baffled the two performers are. They do sneak her off the boat and make her part of their act with a trio of Brazilian singers...but even then, she stops the performance and reveals the singers don't speak English. The two follow her to her family's home in the country to find out what her aunt is really after and save her from a loveless marriage.

Not one of my favorite Road to...movies, but it does have its moments, especially on the boat and in the finale. Bing also gives us two standards, the lovely "But Beautiful" and the jaunty "You Don't Have to Know the Language," the latter with the Andrews Sisters. This was actually the biggest hit of all the Road movies at the time, in fact the top hit of 1948. Doesn't hold up as well today, but it's still cute if you're a fan of the Road series or Bing and Bob.

I hadn't gone swimming since Dad's birthday party a few weeks ago. I desperately needed it. The pool was empty, to my surprise, when I arrived around 3. Rose and Khai were at a birthday party for a friend of his at Chuck E Cheese's, and most everyone else is on vacation. I had it totally to myself the entire hour I was in it. It was soooo warm! The thermometer tied to the ladder on the deep end said 95 degrees. I think that's the warmest Dad's pool has ever been. It was like bath water. And no wonder - it was hot and hazy and humid again today, still in the upper 90's. The patio chairs were so boiling hot, I couldn't sit in them. I took my shoes off sitting on the faux brick patio.

Went inside to say "hi" to Dad and Jodie when I finally managed to climb out of the pool. They were both working on their computers while listening to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episodes on USA. Jodie told me either Craig or Rose will drive me to Cherry Hill tomorrow, and I really needed to call Rose when I got home.

Which I did. As soon as I got into the shower and got organized, I rang her up on my cell phone. She couldn't talk long. She was on her way to another party with Khai. We did confirm that she'll be there tomorrow at 11:45.

Did some writing after I finished lunch. Ben explains to Luke and Leia how Empire Industries tore down many of the older and more venerable businesses on the west side of town to make room for newer hotels and condos. The twins are disappointed that many of their favorite haunts in the past are now gone forever and vow to help their uncle fight to keep more businesses from falling to the company.

Broke for dinner around 6:30. I made a simple meal of a cheddar cheese omelet and fruit salad while watching the end of Road to Rio. Ran a few black-and-white Mickey Mouse shorts while I cleaned up from dinner. Some "Wild Waves" carry Minnie out to sea. Mickey rescues her, then cheers her up on land with the help of some friendly beach critters. Mickey competes in the cross-county event of the "Barnyard Olympics." Pete's in there, too, and would do anything to get ahead of his rival and impress Minnie and Clarabelle!

Finished the night with Lego Star Wars. I looked up online how to get through "Lego City." Turns out I missed two metal items I couldn't destroy with blasters or lightsabers. Bounty hunters have to set bombs to get rid of those. Good thing I'd just splurged and bought Greedo. For once, I didn't mind if he shot first! He and Darth Maul got through it in about 25 minutes, better than the 40 it took me last night, though not as good as some experienced players online.

That's the last bonus round I'll be doing for a while. You need 50 gold bricks to get into the last bonus game, and I only have 43. I'll be going to Free Play for a while to earn more money and more bricks when I get back from vacation.

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