Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Autumn Blue and Gold

Finished off Sofia the First while eating breakfast this morning. Sofia's second story to end is "The Tale of Miss Nettle." It would seem her old nemesis is at it again. The nasty fairy has stolen all the flowers from a snow-bound kingdom. The snowdrops are the only flowers that will grow in a harsh, chilly climate. To keep Sofia from interfering, Miss Nettle casts a spell on her amulet that dulls its powers. It brings her Olaf from Frozen instead of either royal lass. (I guess they're saving Elsa and Anna for a later date.) Olaf may be goofy, but he still helps the girl by reminding her of how Anna managed to save her sister.

Worked on writing for a little while after that. Rey and the others talk about using the old Starkiller Manor for a Halloween party. Finn's not so sure about that "haunted" thing. Plus, Rey's discovered that it was just bought by an undisclosed person. She's hoping she can convince the new owner to let them borrow it.

The topic finally switches from Halloween to Hank. He's on the verge of divorce with his wife Leia. Thing is, he still loves her and doesn't really want to do it, and the kids know it. He thinks Leia doesn't want him around and blames him for their son ending up in reform school. The kids try to nudge him into talking to her.

Started The Cat In the Hat Knows A Lot About Halloween as I ate a quick lunch and got ready for work. As with the Christmas special, this is an hour-long episode. That's pretty much where the resemblance ends. This series' first holiday special came out when it was still focusing entirely on animals. Halloween introduces us to different facets of the holiday, from seemingly "haunted" houses to corn mazes, while showing how to deal with fear and things that seem scary. The Cat takes Sally and Nick to Bubbles' Spooky Oooky Closet to chose a costume. The Fish keeps trying to scare The Cat, to no avail. But there is one Halloween symbol that scares him more than anything...

Work was on-and-off busy for most of the afternoon. I did end up in the register briefly when I first came in to allow someone to go on their break. I was outside the rest of the afternoon, even after it slowed down. Good thing it was an amazing day for cart-gathering. The sky was a rich blue, with only a few thin, scraggly clouds. The breeze was soft, but not too cold. It was nice and warm, probably lower 70's.

Ate the last of the chicken-pasta soup when I got home, then cleaned the kitchen. This was actually a little bit grungier than the bathroom, maybe because I've been baking more in the last couple of weeks. It really needed to be done.

Finished Cat In the Hat, then ran the first two episodes of Jack of All Trades as I scrubbed. Jack (Bruce Campbell) is an American spy in 1801. He's been sent by Thomas Jefferson to a remote Caribbean island to keep an eye on Napoleon and the French governor Croque. His partner is a beautiful but uptight Englishwoman who runs a prosperous export company and builds many of their gadgets in her spare time. In the first story, she tries to get him replaced. He ends up saving her instead, dressed as a local legend. In the second, he teaches her how to be seductive in order to charm a code off of a French spy.

This hilarious action caper seems to be best-known for its awesome, rousing opening number. (That number was so cool and well-received, it was nominated for an Emmy.) I love swashbucklers, especially comic ones, and this show seems to be right up my alley. So far, this was five dollars well-spent.

Ended my night with more Lego Star Wars. Bounced around a bit. Went back and did the final "Darth Maul" round in Phantom Menace, then moved to "Discovery at Kamino" and "Jedi Battle" in Attack of the Clones. Didn't do very well with "Darth Maul." There were still some pieces I couldn't find, and I lost so many coins, I never did get True Jedi. Did better with the other two. "Kamino" came out really well. Got True Jedi there and almost all the pieces. I'll see if I can return to this on Friday or over the weekend.

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