Thursday, October 06, 2016

Fall Sunshine Dolls

It was a beautiful morning to start off with gathering carts at work. It was even nicer than yesterday, all warm and sunny and not too humid. We weren't too busy for most of the morning. The carts weren't really that bad, but they kept sending me out to do them for the first half of my shift anyway. At least two baggers came in later, freeing me up to focus on returns.

Oh, and it looks like those new freezers have finally arrived. There's a whole row of them on aisle 10. Hopefully, that means the end of the endless vacuuming water and leaks. The former cafe area has been totally blocked off by shelves of toilet paper, too.

When I got home, I watched some Jack of All Trades while having Light Chicken and Dumplings soup for lunch. Here, we start getting more into history. Benjamin Franklin is kidnapped by Blackbeard the Pirate while on his way to France to build horrifying weapon. Meanwhile, Jack and Emilia argue over whether England or the US is the better country. (Incidentally, if you need to know just how blatantly inaccurate this show was, Ben Franklin passed away well before 1801.)

Went in the back room after I finished. It was time to pull out the dolls' winter clothes and dress them in warmer outfits for the recent cooler weather. Whitney is in Kit's original meet outfit with the lavender cardigan and floral pleated skirt, swiping Molly's white t-strap shoes. Samantha and Josefina are in their current BeForever meet outfits. Jess goes for 90's grunge in turquoise sneakers from the 2002 modern meet outfit, Springfield collection capris, a gray "American Girl" t-shirt, and the plaid flannel shirt from Molly's After School Outfit. Molly herself wears the (too tight) jeans and the red t-shirt from the mid-90's modern Blue Jean Basics outfit, the red sweater from her hula costume, and her saddle shoes and bobby socks. Finally changed Felicity into her original Rose Garden Gown "meet" outfit.

Worked on writing for an hour or so after the dolls were dressed. Revised things slightly to let Rey mention that Skywalker Manor was purchased by Starkiller Industries. They're going to let them hold their Halloween party. They intend to demolish the building anyway - the kids couldn't do anything worse to it. Hank recognizes Starkiller as a mysterious science organization.

Broke at 5:30 to make a decent dinner. It was cool enough for Merlin's Magic (Baked) Chicken, acorn squash with honey, and roasted squash seeds. Added a green salad with cucumbers and tomatoes for vegetables. Oh, yum. It all came out beautifully. I really need to make squash more often.

Completed the first disc of Jack of All Trades while making dinner, and then while making the bed and vacuuming. This show was made by the same company that did Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, and it shows. It comes off as even more of a satire than those shows did, with historical figures frequently press-ganged into some pretty bizarre plots.

Verne Troyer played Napoleon twice on this disc. In the first, Jack has to win Louisiana from him in a poker game when he takes secretary of state James Madison hostage. Napoleon wants to marry Emilia in the second. Jack does everything from donning a dress as his partner's mother to throwing the French emperor a bachelor party to dissuade them.

Loved the one about Kentucky Sue, Jack's former flame, coming out to the Caribbean to try to marry him (to Emilia's dismay). Also enjoyed the episode where Emilia's father, a decorated spy, comes to Pula Pula on a mission of his own. When it goes awry and he needs Jack's help, he starts to feel like he's washed up. Jack and Emilia try to find a way for him to feel useful again.

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