Sunday, October 16, 2016

If You Can Find Me, I'm Here

I slept in this morning, but I had enough time for Cranberry Pancakes for breakfast before heading out. Listened to a recording I have of a Mandy Patinkin concert I dubbed off a CD from the Haddon Township Library about six or so years ago. Patinkin appeared in the original cast of Sunday In the Park With George and did a concert of Follies a few years later. so he's certainly familiar with the material. The songs, taken from various Sondheim shows up through the early 90's, details the ups and downs of an artist, who goes from young hopeful to jaded celebrity to lost soul.

My favorite songs here that I wasn't already familiar with are two numbers from unusual Sondheim projects. "If You Can Find Me, I'm Here" is from a strange 60's TV musical called Evening Primrose, apparently about people living in a department store. (Musicals 101 has more information about that one here. I may have to look up that Neil Patrick Harris CD he mentions.) "Live Alone and Like It" is one of the non-Madonna numbers from the movie Dick Tracy, and probably my favorite song from that movie along with the lovely Patinkin/Madonna duet "What Can You Lose?"

When I arrived at work, the first thing I noticed was that almost every single slot in the parking lot was taken. I'd never seen the lot so full, not even the day before Thanksgiving or on Christmas Eve. The inside was even more of a zoo, with lines half-way across the store. I was so grateful I spent the whole day outside, gathering carts. For once, they had to acknowledge that they needed my help more outdoors than in. There wasn't a single cart in the front at noon. There weren't even that many in the corrals. They were all inside, even the big rusty ones and the rickety green plastic ones that have funky wheels.

Why were we so crazy, even for a Sunday? For once, a big Eagles game was only one of the reasons. The main culprit was a huge 2-day sale. Some of the items were really, really cheap, including eggs for 49 cents and boxes of Coke for $1.99. That's why I shopped on Friday and Saturday, big sales be damned. I knew people would go crazy when they heard about those prices, especially the extra-cheap eggs.

I was outside for four and a half hours. Went in for break and to use the bathroom. Replaced the toilet paper in two of the stalls in the women's bathrooms, then went right back outside. As early as 2 PM, the crowds finally began to slow down a bit. They never did die all together, but they became far more manageable. Carts were still vanishing, but not at nearly as fast of a rate.

My legs were so sore when I got off work, I decided to skip going over to Dad and Jodie's. I didn't think I could move long enough to make it. Besides, the Eagles lost to the Washington Redskins, once again just barely, 27-20. I wasn't up to listening to Dad fuss about how terrible they were again. (Especially after the Dolphins actually won.)

Spent a few hours writing instead. I edited a few things and began the next scene. It's a few days later. Poe is reporting to his boss, private investigator Leia Organa-Solo. He was able to interview Detective San Tekka, an old cop who was the last person to see Luke Waller before he vanished. He's hoping to see him again that night.

Finished out the night with Lego Star Wars and leftovers for dinner. Finally did all of "The Battle for Endor." Good grief, that round takes forever! I think they really should have split it into two rounds, or cut some parts out. I wasn't able to find more pieces, but I did get the red brick.

"Jedi Destiny" didn't go as well. I kept falling off the ledges when I'd try to deal with the Emperor. I couldn't do a couple of areas with lit up Force pieces fast enough to reveal their secrets, either. At least I got a few more pieces and the red brick off of that one, too.

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