Saturday, October 22, 2016

Windy Harvest

I awoke to pouring rain. Thankfully, by the time I was up and moving, it was just down to gloomy skies and gusty wind. Ran the first of two bonus episodes on the Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates disc while eating breakfast. "Mystery of the Mighty Colossus" introduces a shadow-like villain who wants to take over the kids' enormous ship for his own. As they try to fight off this new menace, the kids and Hook's crew disappear one by one into the bowels of the ship. Jake has to solve the ship's many puzzles in order to save his crew and Hook's.

Hook's mother and the grandfather of one his his crew mates bring along a running feud...and the tale of "The Doubloon Monsoon." A whirlwind of coins exists in a gorge in Never Land. To get to it, the crew has to cross some very nasty turf. Grandpa is determined to keep Mrs. Hook from cheating. She's not the one he should watch, though...

It was just cloudy and windy when I headed out to the Collingswood Farm Market around quarter after 10. They were surprisingly busy for such chilly weather. It couldn't have been any more than the lower 50's. It's probably just as well that I didn't need much. A few booths were missing, too, including the one with the live alpaca. I just bought cranberries, small organic Boston lettuce heads, and mini apples.

When I got home, I made Cranberry Flummery (a jelly dessert) with last week's cranberries while finishing out Captain Jake. The peculiar inventor Dr. Undergear returns in "Shark Attack!" This time, he has a shark suit and a team of mechanical sea creatures that are salvaging parts from ships for his inventions. He thinks the Mighty Colossus would be perfect for his inventions. The kids don't agree and do their best to defend their vessel.

Jake and the kids just barely avoid a "Colossus Collision" when they take their boat out to see what all its crazy cannon balls can do. Hook and his crew are out, too. Hook accidentally turns on the engine and ends up nearly crashing into Pirate Island. The kids and his crew do what they can to slow the ship.

Work was steady. It could have been a lot worse, especially given the traffic I saw later in the day. The weather may have scared some folks off. It started raining shortly after I left for work, and continued showering on and off for the rest of the afternoon. I got stuck behind the registers a lot more than I would have preferred. We weren't that busy. It might also have been because, for once, there were plenty of baggers and lots of people to help with carts.

I limited my grocery shopping to peanut butter and ground turkey on a really good sale. I don't have much money. I did get my schedule. I wish I wasn't back to that same 4-hour-day schedule. I need more hours. At any rate, Tuesday and next Friday off, Tuesday for counseling.

Did a little writing when I got home. The kids are all waiting for Hank and Leia to pick them up for the Halloween party. They're all going as characters from the Judy Garland Wizard of Oz (which was re-released that year). Hank is well-known archaeologist Indiana Jones; Leia is Thumbelina. (If you know anything about Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher's filmographies, you'll know why I chose those costumes for them. ;)

Made Cincinnati Chili from Kit's Cooking Studio while watching one of the Bowery Boys horror-oriented movies. They think they're "Master Minds" when they discover that Sach's toothache gives him the power to see into the future. They turn him into a top Coney Island attraction...but he also attracts a mad scientist, who wants Sach's amazing brain for his half-human monster.

Concluded the night with two rounds of Lego Star Wars, both repeats, Did much better with "Chancellor In Peril." Got True Jedi and all but one piece. (Still couldn't find the red brick, though.) Just missed True Jedi on "Most Eisley Spaceport," but I did get through the part I had problems with before. Also got all but one of the pieces here.

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