Sunday, October 23, 2016

Golden Autumn

Started off a sunny, windy morning with Gingerbread Pancakes and the Laurel & Hardy album I picked up on Friday. There were a few songs (including "Lazy Moon" from Pardon Us and a rather nice version of "Let Me Call You Sweetheart"), but most of the material was short bits from their films. I really wish they'd used longer bits, or more from their shorts. You didn't really get a good idea of what those two were about.

Work was busy when I came in, steady-to-quiet later in the afternoon. I did get stuck on the register more than I would have preferred, despite it not being that busy, but there was plenty of bagging help too. At least most people were in good moods, and it wasn't anything resembling as crazy as last week.

The Philadelphia Eagles were in pretty darn good moods, too. I saw a little of the game in the back lounge area during my break. The score was 0-0 at the end of the first quarter. The Vikings finally got a field goal at the beginning of the second quarter. I turned around for five seconds to write down a story note...and when I turned around, an Eagle was sprinting down the field. They took a punt for a touchdown, then scored a 2-point conversion to bring it up to 8-2. By the time I got off, they were at 21-3. The Eagles eventually ran over their former quarterback San Bradford and the Vikings, 21-10.

It was too nice to sit at home when I finally got out of work. I changed, then headed over to Jodie and Dad's to see if anyone was home. EVERYONE was home. Along with Rose and Khai and Dad and Jodie, I saw Dana, Jesse, several neighbors, most of the neighborhood kids, and to my surprise, Joe and Jessa. Mark and Vanessa had been around earlier. They brought Vanessa's sausage gumbo, which was tasty, but very spicy! I had French bread and butter and a cupcake to cool things off.

(And Jodie said that the reason the Acme keeps putting me in the register, despite my protests, is I'm good with managing the money. I keep everything neat and make sure all the money is organized and ends up where it should be. Well, of course! I don't like it when it doesn't. That's what I do. I just don't like dealing with 800 people at once. I couldn't do Rose's waitressing jobs, either.)

The kids were outside, running around the street and their houses while their mothers talked. I tossed a velcro ball with little Savannah, one of the younger kids on the street. She was so funny. She either would throw it too far, or just push the ball onto the velcro catch thing. She kept losing her little bear shoe! Rose or I would put it back on her feet.

Oh, and Rose has at least two job interviews for legal work, and was requested by a former boss to do some work for him. She's been temporarily back at Anthony's after her last job ended. She sounded pretty optimistic; hopefully, she'll do well.

When I got home, I did more Lego Star Wars. Picked up more pieces on "Negotiations" and "Invasion of Naboo"; got True Jedi in the former. Tried "Bounty Hunter Pursuit," but only got a few more pieces. I am just no good at flying rounds! Did find two more pieces in "Ruin of the Jedi." Saw the red brick, but couldn't reach it. Maybe next time.

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