Monday, June 25, 2018

Rhythm of the Pride Lands

I was glad to awaken to a glorious summer morning after it was so humid over the weekend. Opened the windows, then had breakfast while watching a Lion Guard episode. "Fuli's New Family" has each member of the Lion Guard trying to include Fuli the Cheetah in their group activities. Fuli prefers being on her own, but even she realizes she needs help when she has to rescue a foolish Bunga from a volcano. Bunga thought being immune to a cobra bite meant being immune to all danger.

Spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon trying to concentrate on writing. The passage leads them right into the room with the shiny silver ray gun. Bodhi helps Leia remove the sword and khyber crystals while the others search for information on the gun and the location of the remaining swords.

Broke for lunch and more Lion Guard at 1. The little honey badger gets a big head again in "Bunga the Wise." He and Timon and Puumba set him up as an all-knowing seer after he stops a flood and Rafiki tells him that honey badgers are the wisest animals in the Pridelands. The Lion Guard tries to point out that his advice is doing more harm than good. Beauty and usefulness are in the "Eye of the Beholder" after keen-eyed bird Ono temporarily loses use of one eye. He feels left out, but he's the only one who can rescue the others when they're trapped in a ravine by the hyenas.

Work was pretty quiet for most of the day, and never more than steady at rush hour. It's too nice to be out shopping, especially given that it's supposed to get hot later in the week. I did the inside and outside trash and the bathroom and bagged while the head bagger was still around; gathered carts and baskets after she left.

Went straight home after work. Made chicken legs poached in chicken stock with sauteed asparagus and summer squash while doing another Lion Guard episode. The Guard's saying "Follow That Hippo" when a young elephant who idolizes Beshante keeps following him around. The hippo says he'll watch him, but they both end up being chased by the hyenas.

Ended the night with more Lego Clone Wars. Tried to get another red brick in the main ship, but I just can't figure out how to get all the characters to the right place. Settled for returning to "Rookies" and "The Zillo Beast" instead. Got five on the former and all but two on the latter.

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