Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Bugged Out

Kicked off a cloudy morning with more Sailor Moon.  The girls enjoy a college dance with Mamoru in "Destined Partners? Makoto's Innocence." Makoto dances with what she thinks is the man of her dreams. She's so crazy about him after just a few minutes, she refuses to leave the auditorium, even after he goes off and dances with other girls. Usagi and the others are concerned about her...but their concern turns into shock and anger when it turns out to be a Black Moon Circus plot.

Today was my 8 and 1/2 hour shift at work. I wasn't looking forward to it. Thankfully, the first half was pretty quiet. I mostly did returns and baskets, occasionally going outside to do carts when those would get low. It was so dead this morning, I didn't really have to do it that often. It did get a little annoying later when people would tell me to do one thing, then call me to do another before I was finished with the first thing. I did end up in the register twice, but only momentarily until the next cashier arrived or came back from their break. I was almost late because they wanted me to try to figure out which bottle in a pack of 24 was leaking.

(At least the weather was slightly better. While it was killer humid, it wasn't as warm as yesterday, and the wind was nice and cool. The clouds were in and out through most of the morning before vanishing all together by mid-afternoon.)

Bought a pack of cookies for a snack, then rushed home as fast as I could. Attacked the flies in the window when I got in. For some reason, most of the windows in the living room were swarming with flies this morning, and the one in the living area next to the door still was at 6. I think the screen window on that one came open just a bit...enough to let insects in. I'll see if I can get insect spray tomorrow or Friday.

Ate dinner while playing Lego Clone Wars. Further exploration of the Sith ship revealed a third "mission select" console, two consoles that allow you to purchase ships, a few more characters (including General Grievous), and two more red bricks (one gives all Jedi and Sith two lightsabers; the other gives them all Dark Force powers, regardless of whether they're a Jedi or Sith). Re-played "Innocents of Ryloth" and "Victory at Ryloth" and did "Shadow of Malevolence." Got all but one piece on the first, all but two pieces on the second, and five out of ten on the third.

Finished the night with Queen of the Desert. Gertrude Bell (Nicole Kidman) is a bored socialite looking to do more with her life than attend another ball. She joins her uncle in Tehran...and falls in love with both the desert life and an employee of the embassy, Henry Cadogan (James Franco). Her parents don't approve of the match at all, especially since Cadogan is poor. He responds badly by taking his life. Bell soldiers on, continuing as an explorer, writer, and archaeologist for the rest of her life. She never marries, though she does have a brief relationship with T.E Laurence (Robert Pattison).

A disappointment. This sand-scoured soap opera was deadly dull. While Kidman, Franco, and Pattison are fine as Bell and the men in her life, I would have loved to have seen more action and less talk. This is all right if you really love the cast or want to hear the story of a remarkable woman, but those looking for Indiana Jones/ Amelia Peabody-style heroics will want to go elsewhere.

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