Monday, June 18, 2018

The Guy, the Robots, and the B-Movies

Began a hazy, sunny morning with breakfast and Rick Steves' Europe. We head up to the nice, cool Alps for a trip through the Swiss countryside. Rick checks out a small country school and fire department and a lovely resort, and headed up way into the mountains to admire a glistening waterfall.

Spent the rest of the morning writing and trying to drown out Charlie, who chose a 95-degree day to wash debris off the roof and cursed a blue streak over it. The hanger is the headquarters of the Coruscant Underground, a rebel group. Harry recognizes Cassian Andorez, a former freedom fighter in the Spanish Civil War. Jeanne introduces them to Kay Toonby, who had been a scholar studying in Spain before his university was bombed, then worked for the Coruscant government before joining the rebels, and gentle rebel defector and explosives specialist Bodhi Rook. Ben Kenton is happy to be reunited with an old friend from the Great War, Saw Gerrera.

Broke for lunch and to get ready for work at 1. The Sailor Guardians prepare for summer with a day at the beach in the fourth season episode "Shining Summer Days: Ami Under the Sea Breeze." While the girls have fun in the sun, Usagi's little brother Shingo develops a crush on Ami. Tiger's Eye is after her dream mirror and tries to get rid of the boy. Ami rescues Shingo from drowning, but it'll take a concentrated effort of all the Sailor Guardians to get rid of Tiger's Eye and his bomb-throwing circus monster.

Work was actually pretty quiet for most of the day. It was hazy, hot, and humid. This was not a great afternoon for running around. I'd do carts, then go inside and gather baskets or shelve items when it got to be too much. Bagged around 4 when rush hour kicked in, then went back outside. There were no major problems whatsoever (other than the heat wave), and I was in and out.

Had leftovers while playing Lego Star Wars: Clone Wars. I finally looked up how to get to the Sith ship online. You have to go downstairs to the hanger with the vehicles, select one, hop in, and drive it to the ship across the way. It even opens up a new mission, "Castle of Doom." Count Dooku has to get Jabba the Hutt's son back from the Jedi with the help of droid bounty hunter Robonino. Since you have the option of buying Dooku in the Separatist hanger, I'm assuming the round gives you Robonino. Unfortunately, I just can't figure out "Castle of Doom." The first time glitched and I couldn't use Dooku mid-way through the round. The second and third times, I messed up and couldn't get the pieces I needed. I'll try again next time.

Finished the night with more Mystery Science Theater 3000. King Dinosaur actually has nothing to do with dinosaurs. Four scientists (two male, two female) find themselves stranded on an unknown planet filled with absurdly large lizards. They make friends with a lemur, but the lizards are far less friendly! A lot of the running time is devoted to watching animals attack each other. The short in front of it, X Marks the Spot, is a driving safety film for the State of New Jersey. (Considering the way people drive around here and how boring the short is, I don't know how effective it was.)

Jungle Goddess is slightly more interesting. Two men (future Superman George Reeves and former Dick Tracy Ralph Byrd) are searching for a lost heiress in the Amazon jungles. They find her among the natives, who think she's a goddess. One kills a warrior and is sentenced to die before his buddy and the Jungle Goddess and her friend help him out. But he has his own plans for the duo. This also included the first chapter of The Phantom Creeps, a Bela Lugosi serial.

These are Season 2 episodes, when Joel and the robots were just getting started. I slightly preferred the jokes about the giant lizards in King Dinosaur, but if you love the early episodes of this show, they're both fun.

King Dinosaur
Jungle Goddess

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