Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I Want to Be Happy

Started off the morning with a quick breakfast and the 1971 revival of the 20's musical No No, Nanette (or at least what I could hear of it over Charlie and one of his men cleaning the other side of the roof). This summertime tale tells of the young lady of the title (Susan Watson), whose bible-selling guardian Jimmy (Jack Gilford) is supporting three beautiful women. His lawyer Billy (Bobby Van) recommends he run to Philadelphia, but they end up at his cottage in Atlantic City instead. Nanette wants to go too, and is thrilled when Jimmy gives her the money for the trip. Her boyfriend Tom isn't, and breaks off their relationship. They make up, only to break off again when Tom figures out what she's up to in AC. Meanwhile, Billy and Jimmy's wives Sue (Ruby Keeler) and Lucille (Helen Gallagher) aren't happy, either, when they find out about Jimmy's proteges; Lucille's threatening divorce. Now the ladies have to figure out just who did what in Atlantic City...

This is a lot more innocent than it sounds from my plot description. While we can't see the Tony-award-winning costumes and choreography, we can hear some wonderful standards, including "I've Confessed to the Breeze," "Tea for Two," and "I Want to Be Happy," along with a lovely song that was added to but ultimately cut from the revival, "Only a Moment Ago."

Spent the next hour or so writing. Everyone heads off to change into Imperial uniforms. Jeanne (Jyn), Cassian, and Kay will lead Han, Luke, Leia, and Benton through the Coruscant Armory. Jeanne's father designed it, and it's filled with tunnels and secret passages for easy access. Charrel (Chewbacca) will stay with Chirruit, Baze, and Bodhi as they cover them and record sensitive information from Tarkin's files.

Broke for an early lunch at 11. "Juban Holiday: The Carefree Princess" is a Sailor Moon riff on Roman Holiday. Princess Rubina of Amethyst runs away from her caretakers for a day on the town in Tokyo. She encounters Usagi and Chibi-Usa during one of their usual tiffs and tries to help. The girls are curious, especially after they encounter her again during a local carnival. They're not the only ones who are interested in the wayward royal. Hawk's Eye is after her dream mirror...but he's going to have to get through two Moons and a Tuxedo Mask to get to it.

Work was a bit of a pain. There was a call-out, and another cashier went home early, complaining about her toe being numb. I got stuck in the register for an hour and a half until the afternoon shift came in, and then later when a cashier went on break. Maybe it's just as well that it was so dead, there wasn't much to do anyway. When I wasn't on the register, I mostly bagged and gathered carts and baskets. It was cloudy this morning; by the time I was getting carts, it was sunny, hazy, and humid. The heat wasn't quite as bad as yesterday, though, and the wind was much cooler.

Played more Lego Clone Wars while eating leftovers for dinner. Finally got through "Castle of Doom," and yes, you do get the MegaGuard if you win it. Re-did two rounds; picked up three more pieces on "Defenders of the Peace" and two more on "Duel of the Droids."

Finished the night with more Mystery Science Theater 3000. Traded extremely 50's schlock for extremely mid-60's schlock with Village of the Giants. A group of spoiled and rebellious teens steal the growth formula a local kid (Ron Howard) created. When they grow to giant size, they terrorize the town. At the very least, we got a nice cast in this one, with a post-Disney Tommy Kirk as the boyfriend of the kid's sister, a young Beau Bridges as the leader of the rebel youths, and singer and dancer Toni Basil as a friend of Kirk's.

Village of the Giants (Annotated)

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