Sunday, September 30, 2018

Football Follies

It was sunny and beautiful when I opened my eyes this morning. I flung open the windows to catch some fresh breezes before making Peanut Butter-Brown Sugar Pancakes for breakfast. Listened to one of my Disney Classics CDs while I ate. I started it yesterday before work, but never got to finishing it. One of the nifty things about this series of five collections of Disney songs from the mid-90's is it has music from the rare in the US Song of the South. I guess Disney figured "Ev'rybody Has a Laughing Place" wasn't offensive out of context (and is really short anyway). Other songs I like on the second CD include the medley of instrumental songs from the original Main Street Electrical Parade, the theme song from The Tiki Room (always one of my favorite shows at Disney), "Feed the Birds" and "Let's Go Fly a Kite" from Mary Poppins, "On the Front Porch" from Summer Magic, and "The Mickey Mouse Club March" from the 1950's Mickey Mouse Club.

(By the way, the pancakes came out perfectly, moist and sweet - and unburned. Some of the best I've done in weeks.)

Work was, much to my surprise, mildly steady when I arrived. It did pick up a little as the 1 PM Eagles game got closer, but it was never overwhelmingly crazy, and nothing like it usually is on a Sunday. I did manage to get outside for an hour to help one of the baggers gather carts and enjoy the gorgeous, upper 70's weather. Otherwise, I was mostly doing returns. We had plenty of help and no problems whatsoever.

The Eagles were up 13-6 over the Tennessee Titans when I rode over to Dad and Jodie's around 3:30. That was changing, even as Jodie served up corned beef, cabbage, ham, and potatoes. (I had everything but the ham. The corned beef was enough.) There was a tray of cheese and crackers, with grapes and an herbed cheese spread that was so soft, I couldn't tell if it was cheese or butter, and a loaf of peach pound cake for dessert.

The game didn't go as well. The Titans finally caught up in the second half, to the point where they were tied 20-20 by the end of the game and went into overtime. Dad kept fussing that the Eagles were going to lose and that their season is over. While I don't know about the latter (this is only the fourth game), he was right about the former. It was close, but the Titans finally got a touchdown that won them the game 27-23.

Got so fed up listening to Dad, I opted not to linger after the game. No one else did, either. Mark, his girlfriend, and Jessa were the only ones there. Rose and her family had stayed home, citing colds and other health issues, and the other neighbors were out with their kids.

Spent the rest of the evening working on writing. To Leia's amusement, her howler monkey friend's family has invaded their camp by the time they get back. Only Clarence, her late godfather's secretary, can speak their language. He won't tell them to lay off. It isn't in his job description. Yoda and Luke use a bit of Force magic to levitate him enough to get the monkeys' attention. Harry has his own ideas. They could really use the monkeys' help distracting Vader enough for them to get to the Jedi Temple...and around his men and their weapons.

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