Monday, October 01, 2018

Big Heroes, Bigger Adventures

Began a lovely, sunny morning with breakfast and Big Hero 6. Another TV version of a popular Disney movie starts off where the original left off, with Hiro discovering Baymax's chip at science college and rebuilding him. His comics-obsessed buddy Fred wants them to return to crime-fighting as a full-time superhero team, but the kids would rather focus on their studies. Meanwhile, Mr. Yama, the gangster whom Hiro worked for in the film, forces him to steal what appears to be a paperweight from the desk of his teacher and the new dean of the school, the hard-nosed Professor Granville. Yama also steals the design for Baymax's new body and starts mass-producing it for chaos, which finally brings the kids back into action...and makes them realize just how important saving others is.

Charlie came upstairs as I was settling down to write for the rest of the morning. He sanded the floor of the porch/roof, then swept it. All of this was performed with a litany of curses, most of them against deities or other races. I'm glad he's working on the porch again, but I really wish he'd figure out how to do it without sounding like an especially angry sailor.

Spent most of the morning ignoring him and working on my story. Harry gets Clarence to convince the howler monkeys to distract Vader's men on guard in the back of the ruins of the Jedi Temple. One takes off on a motorcycle, leading two others on a chase through the jungle. Charel and the remaining monkeys easily overpowers the others. They try to find the back entrance, but Vader has the maps. Clarence inadvertently discovers the door when he falls through an opening in the rock wall.

Broke for a smoothie around 12 and finished "Baymax Returns." Started the next episode as I got ready for work. Professor Granville sets Hiro up with another younger student, Karmi, in order for them to learn better social skills. Karmi has a huge crush on his Big Hero 6 alter ego, but has no idea she's looking at the same person. The others are trying to defeat the Jem and the Holograms-esque mother-daughter bank thieves duo High Voltage. Fred thinks "Issue 188" of his favorite comic Captain Fancy will have the answer. It doesn't really help the kids with the bank robbers...but it does help Hiro with his problem with Karmi.

Work was on-and-off busy, still not too bad, especially given this is the first day of the month. The nice day probably helped. It was sunny, breezy, and a bit warm for this time of year, too nice for anyone to be shopping. I did get stuck in a register for an hour, but that was because the new computer program didn't schedule a cashier for between 3 and 4. (And my break was late because they had no one to come in until 4.) Otherwise, I mainly helped the outside baggers gather carts. I also did the outside trash and recycling and shelved returns.

When I got home, I had leftovers for dinner while Charlie finished painting the porch. He painted it winter white, which I'm not sure is such a great idea with all the dirt and leaves that fall up there. I'm hoping it's just a top primer coat, and that the top coat will be a darker color.

Went online while watching the remaining Big Hero 6 episodes. Go Go and Honey Lemon become "Big Roommates 2" when Honey accidentally freezes her previous roommate and apartment. Upbeat, girlie Honey and sarcastic tomboy Go Go have little in common and drive each other crazy, especially after Honey's purse with her chemical balls is stolen by a low-level thief. The combination of Honey's chemicals and a device he steals from millionaire inventor Alistair Krei turns the thief into an oozy monster Fred dubs Globby. Honey denies the theft at first, then feels responsible and becomes morose. The others have to convince her to take responsibility when Globby nabs Krei.

 Hiro's Aunt Cass is in the spotlight in "Food Fight." While following her nephew one night when he and the others are investigating Momakase, a chef/thief who poisoned Krei, Cass is mistaken for a contestant in an underground Food Network-style chef battle. She keeps winning and winning her opposition's knives, including that of her idol Bolton Grammercy, who was rude to her at her diner. However, she may not be able to get past Momakase, especially once Big Hero 6 get involved.

Baymax, Hiro, and Fred follow Go Go into the "Murihara Woods" to find out where she goes on her own. She's really just bird-watching, but they have bigger problems. Baymax and all their gadgets go haywire, which lands them in the river and lost. They're fished out by Ned Ludd, a former real estate tycoon who saw a meteorite that inspired him to eschew technology in favor of life in the woods. He wants to destroy Baymax when he joins the boys, but the other kids stop him and show him just how useful some technology can be.

Hiro feels like he's in "Failure Mode" when he procrastinates and his big earthquake project doesn't work out.  He's about ready to give up, but the others encourage him to give it another shot. Meanwhile, Globby is back, this time chasing after a priceless painting. The kids manage to stop him, until he makes a few discoveries of his own.

"Fred's Bro-Tillion" is coming up, and he's seriously worried. His mother wants to impress her rival Binky, but he's not exactly gentleman material. The others not only teach him how to dance, but bring in Aunt Cass as the caterer and get jobs as waiters. Ironically, it's not Fred who wrecks havoc at the party, but Baron Von Steamer, a former arch-nemesis of Fred's superhero father. He takes off with Wasabi, mistaking him for Fred. The kids and Baymax follow to get him back.

Seven shorts featuring Baymax and the kids were included as bonus features. They mostly feature Baymax trying to learn how to perform their favorite activities, like tennis, in-line skating, or yoga. Hiro tries to boost his performance chip, but ultimately decides he likes his big buddy slower. Fred wants to give him an alter-ego, but his ideas of what an alter-ego for a cuddly robot looks like are a bit...outlandish. Baymax attempts to care for Hiro's cat Moshi, with little success.

This is the most recent of the shows I've watched lately, having only debuted as a regular series in June. ("Baymax Returns" evidently acted as a preview of the show last November.) I enjoyed the movie, and I was hoping they'd follow it up in some way. This might actually be better than a movie. We get to see more of the characters, more regular (and more interesting) villains, and more varied stories. If you're a fan of the original film or of superhero action, you'll want to hop on this electric train.

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