Thursday, February 07, 2019

Finding Myself

Kicked off a gray and cloudy morning with some first season Sailor Moon as I had breakfast and got ready for work. The Negaverse is capturing the holders of the Rainbow Crystals again in "I Won't Run Away From Love Anymore: Ami vs. Mamoru." Ryu, Ami's psychic boyfriend who was also previously targeted, is worried he'll be next. Ami takes it on herself to finally overcome her shyness and protect him from a brainwashed Mamoru.

The Sailor Guardians are ready for their final showdown in "Usagi's Awakening: A Message From the Distant Past." The girls and cats are seeking the Negaverse's hideout when they're attacked by the last remaining Negaverse general, Kunzite. They're sent back into the past on the moon to rediscover their memories and their identities as the Princess of the Moon and her court...and how the peaceful Kingdom of the Moon and the relationship between Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion was destroyed by Queen Beryl.

Headed to work even before the "Past" episode ended. Work was as quiet as it's been all week. I don't know why it's been so dead. It's not usually this quiet in February. It wasn't even that busy last weekend before the Super Bowl. Either people have been out enjoying the weather, or couples and singles without kids are out of town, or last week's frigid weather scared them off.

While I did end up in the register once, I was mostly either doing carts, shelving returns, gathering recycling, or organizing shelves. One of the managers asked me to reorganize the clearance shelves. They'd gotten cluttered, with all the clearance items scattered everywhere. I set the items up so you could see everything clearly, moved last year's leftover Phillies merchandise and spring banners to the bottom shelf, and added bags of Christmas Smash Mallows that were dropped in a cart.

Decided to try something different when I got home. I changed, sat in bed, and cracked open that "Me Journal" Linda Young gave me a while back. I want a real life and a real career, but my fears keep overwhelming me, and I don't know who to talk to. I've spent so much of my life being told what's right and wrong to be and what I should and shouldn't love, I'm afraid to admit I like or hate anything at all.

I realized while writing that there's so many things I love, I often couldn't list them or think of them right away. I like so may different shows and songs and performers. I don't have five favorite movies (besides The Empire Strikes Back) - I love so many! I'm hard-pressed to name many things I truly dislike, either. (Lima beans. I don't like those. They taste weird.) I'm almost afraid to know who I am. I'm afraid of doing the wrong thing and saying the wrong thing. My head is just so full of "what ifs?" that I get scared to move.

Went online to do some writing at 4. Leia convinces the guys to pose as her servants and the others to hide around Rieekian's and make sure Thrawn and the Sheriff don't try anything funny. Han only goes to make money, but even he's moved when he realizes how dire of a situation Rieekian is in. He'll lose everything if he doesn't pay off Thrawn. Leia brings the money from their last robbery to pay off the Sheriff, but he wants to know where she got it from...

Broke for dinner at quarter after 6. Had quick leftovers, then vacuumed and washed the windows. The vacuuming especially needed to be done. I still see leftover bits from the Christmas tree and garlands, and some of my fleece sleep socks have the tendency to shed.

Watched the first four episodes of the serial Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe as I worked as a lead-in to the arrival of Buck Rodgers. This is the last of the three Flash serials Universal made in the 1930's and early 40's. Ming the Merciless (Charles Middleton) has sent a plague known as The Black Death to Earth. Flash (Buster Crabbe), Dale Arden (Carol Hughes), and Dr. Zarkov (Frank Shannon) head to Mongo to find a cure. They eventually end up in the Hoth-like Kingdom of Frigia in search of Polarite, the only known antidote. Ming's not about to let them end his reign of terror and sends his henchmen, including Captain Torch (Don Rowan) to do anything they can to stop the Earthlings.

Cheesy but fun. I've heard the first serial is better, but this isn't too bad. The of-their-time special effects and some of the most outlandish costumes I've ever seen are (mostly) overcome by the goofy dialogue and a few spirited performances. Fine if you love Flash or old-fashioned space opera.

Ended the night with the 2012 remake of Sparkle, which I cover at my Musical Dreams Reviews Blog.

Sparkle (2012)

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