Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sleepytime Gal

Began a sunny and cold day at work. Though I did do some returns, I spent most of it outside. It wasn't bad when I arrived, but as early as 10 AM, it started to pick up quite a bit. By the time I was done, I think it was actually busier than it was when the Super Bowl was on last Sunday. Spent the last 20 minutes bagging and helping the cashiers get some long lines down.

Went straight home after work. There wasn't time to make banana pancakes for breakfast this morning, so I had them for lunch while watching more Buck Rogers. "Vegas In Space" takes Buck to Sinloa, a Vegas-like gambling resort, with Major Maria Landers (Juanin Clay) to rescue the daughter of a smuggler (Caesar Romero). She was kidnapped by his competitor, crime lord Velosi (Richard Lynch), when she found a computer code that could reveal most of her father's current operations. Buck and Maria go undercover as gamblers to find out just what Velosi wants with the girl.

I was so tired from spending most of the morning doing carts, I laid down and took a nap for two hours. Woke up around 4 and read The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy for a while before going on the computer. Sir. Rieekian swears he'll pay Han and his people back. Leia says for him to pay them when he can and consider it a donation to the fund to rescue King Bail. They all eventually escape out the window, with Han giving one last parting quip to Sir Boba of Gisbourne before he ducks out.

Had leftovers for dinner at 7. Watched the two-part "The Plot to Kill a City" while I ate. Buck assumes the identity of an assassin who is meeting with a group of terrorists who call themselves The Legion of Death. Each member has a superpower that they'll use in their plan to blow up New Chicago by taking over its power plant. Buck and Wilma infiltrate the group, then with the help of the assassin's former girlfriend Joelle (Markie Post) return to New Chicago to make sure they don't go through with their plan.

Finished up the night and the second disc with "Return of the Fighting 69th." Dr. Huer requests that Wilma bring her old mentor Major Noah Cooper (Peter Graves) and his "Fighting 69th" squadron out of retirement to help stop another group of terrorists from unleashing a nerve gas on the Earth. Wilma is nervous about asking them. She was the one who retired them when they failed their health examinations. While they try to prove that they still have what it takes to be heroes, Wilma and Buck escape from the the terrorists with the help of a deaf-mute slave girl whom Buck spoke to in sign language.

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