Monday, February 11, 2019

It's a Marshmallow World In the Winter

The snow started last night and continued to fall this morning. It was fluffy, soft, and looked quite pretty on my porch. In honor of the weather, I ran an episode of The Backyardigans, "The Secret of Snow," while I ate breakfast. Uniqua is desperate for it to snow and goes to Ice Lady Tasha and her bored and lonely assistant Austin to find out the secret of making it snow. Tasha has no time for her questions and sends her first to the desert, then the jungle. Uniqua comes back with Cowboy Pablo and Tyrone of the Jungle in tow. When Tasha assigns them to join Austin in making ice, they finally show Tasha that all work and no play makes for an overworked hippo...and that friendship is more important than any "secret of snow."

I've been wanting to call Rose to ask her about the doctor and dealing with Willa for a while now. I hate making phone calls. I never know what to say, especially with Rose, a lawyer who can be intimidating at the best of times. I first wrote down a list of everything I want to ask her or comment on, including calling the doctor and talking to Willa. Second, I did a list of what I need to do now - namely, look up movie and entertainment blogs that might be willing to use a new writer and see what I can do to get my writing out there, without panicking about it.

Did another episode of Buck Rogers while I worked. "Unchained Woman" is a cross between a prison melodrama and a western. Buck gets himself tossed in prison on Zeta Minor to free a woman named Jen Burton (Jamie Lee Curtis) who is supposed to testify against her space pirate boyfriend (Michael Delano). Turns out her man has friends in really high places, including the head of the Zetan government. They have to dodge goons and an android guard (shades of Westworld) that's bent on destroying them. Meanwhile, Wilma tries to meet them, only to be stopped at every turn.

The snow had finally stopped by the time I went to work. It stuck to the grass and my porch and not much else. Streets and sidewalks remained perfectly clear, and I had no problems getting to work or gathering carts. Good thing, too. Other than a brief period doing the trash in the back room and a few returns, I was outside for most of the day. It was actually not as cold as I thought it would be, probably in the lower-mid 40's. It did start snowing later in the afternoon, a little harder than this morning, though it never became anything more than a shower.

Went right to the computer when I got home. Han hasn't left for Baron Du Hutt yet, though he's considering it. There's posters all over Sherwood, but he comments to Zeb that they'll do no good. They've given money to every poor person in town, and the rich people they steal from don't need the money. Leia mentions a cart coming through. She and Han shimmy into a tree together and proceed to do a bit of flirting that ends with a kiss...before well-meaning Thomas reminds them that they're there to steal, not snog.

(Incidentally, it continued to snow after I got home, but I think it started raining while I was writing, and has been a rain and snow mix for the rest of the evening.)

Made a hearty and tasty Cincinatti Chili from Kit's Cooking Studio for dinner. That's become one of my favorite recipes from any of the American Girl historical cook books. It's easy to make, the sweet spices make it unique, and you can pretty much add anything you want. (Beans are a variation - I prefer it without beans, but with cheese.)

Continued Buck Rogers while I ate. The "Planet of the Amazon Women" is Xantia, where men are lured and sold at auction. Buck answers what he thinks is a distress call, only to end up on the auction block when he's captured by the trader Thorne (Jay Robinson). He's purchased by the Prime Minister to give to her daughter Ariela (Anne Dusenberry). Turns out Ariela is against the slave auctions. Their men were captured or killed years ago in a war, leaving them defenseless.They return to Earth to reveal the truth about the slavery and the loss of their warriors, even as Wilma comes to the planet to find Buck and talk to the Prime Minister about keeping Earth out of any wars.

"Cosmic Whiz Kid," which was on while I did the dishes, may be one of the strangest episodes of the entire series. Hieronymous Fox (Gary Coleman) may look and sound like a wisecracking kid genius, but is actually the centuries-old president of the Genesia colony. He's kidnapped by terrorist Roderick Zale (Ray Walston) who holds him for ransom. Fox's bodyguard Lieutenant Dia Cyrton (Melody Rogers) goes to a vacationing Buck to help her save him.

Finished the night and the disc after a shower with "Escape from Wedding Bliss." Buck would question the episode title as he's forced into an almost literal shotgun wedding with Princess Ardala of the pilot movie, or she'll use her huge weapon to blow up every city on Earth. While he keeps Ardala busy, Wilma and Dr. Huer question a Draconian defector who knows the layout of Ardala's starship.

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