Monday, September 13, 2021

Almost Vacation

Started off a fast morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. Finally got to the black-and-white pilot episode, "The Informer." Sergeant Andrew Carter (Larry Hovis) arrives at Stalag 13 to discover a thriving "traveler's aid society" devoted to sabotage act and helping prisoners escape, lead by crafty Colonel Robert Hogan (Bob Crane). Another man arrives with us, one who seems more than a little suspicious to Hogan and his men. They'll have to work together to discredit the informer, before General Buckhalter (Leon Askin) ends their operations for good.

Hurried off to work after the episode ended. Work was pretty quiet for most of the day...but I also had no help. I'd start pushing carts or sweeping the store, only to be told to do something else before I finished what I was doing! Needless to say, I didn't get much done besides the sweeping and the carts. The afternoon bagger did gather the trash and recycling I didn't have the time for, but he forgot to do the sweeping. I had to do that.

Rushed home the second I finished. When I got in, I changed, tossed my uniform in the laundry basket, and took everything down to the laundry room on the other side of the house. Once again, Jodie is out of town, and what she doesn't know won't hurt her. I did my clothes tonight to get my uniform out of the way for the week; will wash my linens and towels tomorrow.

Did a little writing after my clothes went in the washer. Brett's concerned about Richard's younger son. His older son Gary explains the younger boy went into hiding after the card guards took their father into custody and is now hiding in the stands.

Broke for dinner and to put my clothes in the dryer at 6:30. Made salmon with ratatouille (sautéed summer vegetables) while watching Match Game '76. Charles tries to help a lady with "__ Opener" in the Head to Head, while the others all make jokes about the differences between Ronald McDonald and then-senator of California Ronald Reagan.

Richard Dawson was in a foul mood on Match Game PM. It didn't help that the judge and producer Ira Skutch refused to match his answer of "innards" with "stomach." (Sorry Rich, but Ira was right - innards can be other things besides stomach.) He cheered up a little bit for the Audience Match and Gene teasing him about hosting Family Feud by this point. 

Returned to Hogan's Heroes as I retrieved my laundry and made Ginger Molasses Cookies. Carter "Requests Permission to Escape" in the first season finale when his girlfriend Mary Jane writes and says she married someone else. The others send him on a mission to persuade him to stay.

Jumped to the fifth season as I slid the cookies in the oven. Poor Carter ends up in "The Well" when Newkirk (Richard Dawson) tosses a codebook down there. He's the only one willing to fish it back up again.

Finished the night online after a shower with Charlie's Angels. They're "Angels In Waiting" when Bosley, tired of being told he's predictable, plays a game to make the girls guess where he is. The game turns near-deadly when Bosley becomes the target for a mysterious man and a lovely lady who may be involved with an murderer he sent to prison.


Linda said...

Doesn't Jodie read your blog, though?

Emma said...

From what she says, no.